1994-08-02 - Re: “Anon” fake…

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From: “Mark W. Eichin” <eichin@paycheck.cygnus.com>
To: hughes@ah.com
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UTC Datetime: 1994-08-02 19:32:33 UTC
Raw Date: Tue, 2 Aug 94 12:32:33 PDT

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From: "Mark W. Eichin" <eichin@paycheck.cygnus.com>
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 94 12:32:33 PDT
To: hughes@ah.com
Subject: Re: "Anon" fake...
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Now that an??? is alleged to be off the list, I'll post this; I sent
it to Hugh earlier, but it should be of use to anyone running a
security-related majordomo:

	It should be simple enough to change RetMailAddr in majordomo.pl;
	right before it returns $ReplyTo, adding

	$ReplyTo =~ s/an(\d+)@anon.penet.fi/na\1@anon.penet.fi/;
	will switch an* addresses to na* ones...

This lets an address subscribe, they just get automatically converted
to na forms. (Alternatively, one can always drop in an abort in the
ValidAddress function (if I remember that name right) to just abort on
anything that matches penet.fi, but that would be rude, and merely
escalate the problem...)

ps. Has anyone added pgp support to majordomo? I might consider it...
there are lots of issues -- but change the subject line if you want to
talk about it on the list :-)