1994-08-24 - Actually using strong crypto on a routine basis.

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From: jkreznar@ininx.com (John E. Kreznar)
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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UTC Datetime: 1994-08-24 11:30:28 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 24 Aug 94 04:30:28 PDT

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From: jkreznar@ininx.com (John E. Kreznar)
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 94 04:30:28 PDT
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Actually using strong crypto on a routine basis.
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In <9408240400.AA18251@fnord.lehman.com>, "Rick Busdiecker" wrote:

> > regardless of the content.  In any case, I find it quite disappointing
> > to hear that one of the cypherpunks founders frowns on people actually
> > using strong crypto on a routine basis.  Sigh...

To which Tim provides the enlightening reply:

> "Sigh."

Stick to your guns, Rick.  Even cypherpunks founders can become corrupted.
Here is how Tim's perspective was publically reported a mere year ago:

> The Village Voice
> August 3, 1993
> Vol. 38, No. 31
> pages 33 through 37

> Code Warriors

> Battling for the Keys to Privacy in the Info Age
> by Julian Dibbell

> And Cypherpunks are hackers to the bone.  ``Encryption always
> wins,'' Tim May insists with the serene confidence of one
> convinced he's a mere conduit for historical tendencies built
> into information technology itself --- and yet by definition no
> Cypherpunk takes the ultimate achievement of the group's goal for
> granted.  A pragmatic activism hardwires the group's collective
> identity, their very motto (``Cypherpunks write code'') signals a
> commitment to making the proliferation of cryptographic tools
> happen now rather than waiting on big business, big science, or
> Big Brother to determine its fate.  Nor is this commitment limited
> to the creation of tools; indeed, an even better motto might be
> ``Cypherpunks use code,'' since the essence of the revolution the
> 'punks seek to effect lies in making encryption a cultural habit,
> as common and acceptable as hiding letters inside envelopes.  Thus
> the Cypherpunks' almost religious use of PGP and of their use of
> their own primitive remailer systems isn't just a grown-ups' game
> of cloak and dagger, as it sometimes seems, or a matter of
> testing out the crypto hackers' experimental creations.  It's an
> attempt to nudge ciphertech toward that pivotal accumulation of
> users that finally makes the forward rush of the technology's
> far-reaching social implications irresistible.


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