1994-12-12 - Re: extra dashes in PGP-related blocks?

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From: andrew@riskdev.ml.com (Andrew Brown)
To: warlord@MIT.EDU (Derek Atkins)
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UTC Datetime: 1994-12-12 22:03:44 UTC
Raw Date: Mon, 12 Dec 94 14:03:44 PST

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From: andrew@riskdev.ml.com (Andrew Brown)
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 94 14:03:44 PST
To: warlord@MIT.EDU (Derek Atkins)
Subject: Re: extra dashes in PGP-related blocks?
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>> From: Derek Atkins
>> pgp is putting those extra "- " pieces in (guess you didn't read all
>> your pgp docs :-),  it does that so that it can tell the difference between
>> pgp begin/end blocks and other stuff, kinda like sendmail "quoting" lines
>> beginning with a dot with an extra dot.  the difference here is that
>> sendmail removes any leading dots before delivery and pgp doesn't after
>> removing a signature.  yeah, you do have to load it into an editor but
>> mailing something to a remailer shoud not "hork" it.  the pgp running on
>> the remailer will just "- " the stuff and include it literally.
>Uhh, this is not at all true.  When PGP verifies a message, it will
>strip out the quoting dashes in the output.  This is documented in RFC
>822 (I think) about quoting messages.
>Just run the message through PGP and it will strip out the first level
>of quoting in the output message, and you should be able to then run
>PGP on the rest of the message as well.

but is a remailer (or pgp) smart enough to take the output from checking
a signature and run pgp over it again?  is it going to know to take something
and pass it through pgp until pgp can't do anything with it any more? i think
that's the problem that jrochkin was addressing.  he has a pgp encrypted
message and then signs it and then wants to mail it to a remailer so that the
remailer can decrypt the message but it won't ecause the encryption is

wasn't that it?

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