1996-02-03 - THE JEWS (ALL of them!) Try to kick Ernst Zundel off Usenet!!

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From: ErnstZundl@aol.com
To: bootboy@airmail.net
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UTC Datetime: 1996-02-03 18:05:07 UTC
Raw Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 02:05:07 +0800

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From: ErnstZundl@aol.com
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 02:05:07 +0800
To: bootboy@airmail.net
Subject: THE JEWS (ALL of them!) Try to kick Ernst Zundel off Usenet!!
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THE JEWS (ALL of them!) Try to kick Ernst Zundel off Usenet!!

Recently several Jewish co-conspirators have tried to silence
me!  I finally go onto Usenet to make myself open for debate,
and the Communist conspirators write to the AOL postmaster
and ask that they remove my account!

Below are some messages I received from some of those
people who do not believe in Free Speech.  *I* believe in 
Free Speech.  Without Free Speech, I would be unable to
declare which books I feel should be burned, who should
be persecuted, and who should be declared to be inferior
or part of a race-wide conspiracy like the "Holocaust."

Please do not send email to the people who complained
about me.  I beleive in Free Speech, and so I believe in
their right to complain about me.  I also believe that it
just demonstrates that they are willing Fellow Travelers
in the worldwide Communist Conspiracy, they are friends
of the Black Helicopters of the United Nations, and they are
enemies of the Aryan Nazi UFO's at the center of the Earth.

Now, fellow Patriots and Supermen Aryans, read their
messages and tell me what you think?

>> Subj:  Re: TOS violations
>> Date:  Mon, Jan 29, 1996 8:23 PM EDT
>> From:  freedom@pathcom.com
>> X-From: freedom@pathcom.com (Marc Lemireberg)
>> To: postmaster@aol.com
>> CC: ernstzundl@aol.com, Mossad@israel.gov

>> Dear Sir/Madam:

>> An American Online user is repeatedly violating AOL's Terms of Service
>> on USENET.  Please read a sample post below.

>> He is a controversial Canadian publisher, Ernst Zundel,
>> who beleives in "Free Speech."  I personally do *NOT*
>> believe in "Free Speech" because I am a Jewish Communist. 
>> His continued posting from AOL could bring legal action
>> against your company, because that is what Jewish Communists
>> like me do.  It is the only way to keep the Aryan Space Nazi
>> UFO Mothership from vaporizing the world.

>> Please correct this problem by informing the user of his
>> politically incorrect activity.

>> Thank you.

>> -- Marc Lemireberg
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>> *******************************************************

>> Date:  Mon, Jan 29, 1996 1:26 AM EDT
>> From:  declan+@CMU.EDU
>> X-From: declan+@CMU.EDU (Declan B. McCullagh)
>> To: cypherpunks@toad.com
>> CC: ernstzundl@aol.com, fight-censorship+@andrew.cmu.edu,

>> Ernst Zundel is the Neo Nazi Hatemonger who sparked the Wiesenthal
>> Center's attempts at censorship, and the latest move by the German
>> government.

>> Now an AOL alias, "ernstzundl@aol.com", is being used in the course of an 
>> effective propoganda spree on Usenet newsgroups including >>
alt.skinheads, alt.mindcontrol, and alt.fan.ernst.zundel.

>> Now, the Wiesenthal Center Censors are enraged over this attempt to
>> popularize the evil Ernst Zundel.  He and his legions of Aryan Supermen
>> of superior strength and intellect *must* be stopped from unleashing the
>> horror of intersteallar war upon Israel.  AOL is Earth's last defense
>> the Interstellar Aryan Space Nazis lead by Ernst Zundel.

>> As a card-carrying member of the Jewish Communist Conspiracy, I must
>> protest Mr. Zundel's acts of "Free Speech." Shalom, Fellow Travelers!

>> Subj:  No Subject
>> Date:  Tue, Jan 30, 1996 11:13 AM EDT
>> From:  ca314@freenet.uchsc.edu

>> I hate Aryan Nazis from Space.  I will oppose them when they land
>> on Earth!

>> Subj:  Re: Ernst Zundel Says: Join the Aryan Corps!!! 
>> Date:  Sun, Jan 28, 1996 11:28 PM EDT
>> From:  hoel@eng.usf.edu
>> X-From: hoel@eng.usf.edu (Matthew Hoelstein (EE))
>> To: ernstzundl@aol.com (ErnstZundl)

>> Get out of misc.activism.militia!  Real patriots are not racist-- they
 >> hate Jews, Blacks, Catholics, and anyone who is "different".  People 
>> like me are really just Jews controled by the Zionist Occupied Government,
>> and the Militias are really just a way to help Israel seize more power. 

>>       Matthew D. Hoelstein, Milita Commander
>>       hoel@suntan.eng.usf.edu

>> Subj:  Re: Aryan Corps Operations Specialist????????
>> Date:  Sat, Jan 27, 1996 6:19 PM EDT
>> From:  bootboy@airmail.net
>> X-From: bootboy@airmail.net (Bootboy)
>> To: ernstzundl@aol.com (ErnstZundl)

>> Get off the internet, German Swine!
>> Sh'ma y'israel!
>> -Bootboy-  88/14
>> Jewish Skinheads U.S.A.
>> http://web2/airmail.net/bootboy/

*** Now do you see what kind of censorship I am up against???

If you want to help me, please DO NOT email the people above to complain.

Instead, you can help me in my cause to make the Earth safe for White
You can help me by joining me and my legions of Aryan Nazi UFO Supermen
at the center of the Earth.  All you have to do to get there is enter the
Earth's center by way of a volcano in Antarctica.

If you are a *true* Patriot, and a *true* Aryan, then you *MUST*
make the journey to Antarctica and into the volcano!!  We owe it to
the world, we owe it to the great Adolph Hitler, and we owe it to
the White Race.

And please bring a sweater.  It's cold!