1997-01-01 - Re: Timmy’s Lost It: [Was Extremism in the defense of liberty is no v

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From: dlv@bwalk.dm.com (Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM)
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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From: dlv@bwalk.dm.com (Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM)
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 1997 09:40:21 -0800 (PST)
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Re: Timmy's Lost It: [Was Extremism in the defense of liberty is no v
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"Attila T. Hun" <attila@primenet.com> writes:
> ::As to our "reasonableness," I make little effort to hide the fact that
> ::I support strong cryptography because it means that the plague of
> ::democracy and "mob rule" can be turned back...I view crypto anarchy as
> ::an elitist development, one which the ubermensch will appreciate, but
> ::the masses will recoil in horror from.
> ::Fuck the herd.
>         yes, and that is why there was a Robespierre and a Madam
>     Defarge.  do you wish to be the first to be strapped to the board?
>         your elitism is crap; if you know it and persist, you are asking
>     to lose the "war" with the Feds; if you don't know it, you're just
>     ignorant.  you are doing nothing except feeding your own ego in the
>     hope of winning one battle and establishing that self-same elitism.
>         either your "elite" stoop to the level of the 'herd' you so
>     glibbly label 'Fuck the herd,' and enlist their support of *their*
>     rights to free speech, or you might as well invite Bubba into your
>     living room after the advance party has taken your much touted
>     hardware and your clips of hollow points "for public safety."  and
>     what do you say to the most corrupt and despicable President in our
>     history?  "Fuck the herd?!"
>         You and Bubba can hold hands, dancing around the room, jumping
>     up at down, screaming "Fuck the herd!" "Fuck the herd!"

"Cypher punks'" opposition to free speech is another good example of their
elitist attitude. They only want freedom to express the ideas they agree
with. Not only is the notion of supporting freedom to express idea they
don't like totally alien to "cypher punks"; they actively seek to promote
censorship. Indeed the only crypto-relevant thread on this mailing list
in many weeks was a "pseudo-crypto" discussion of protocols to suppress
free speech and to limit the expression to views approved by the cocksucker
John Gilmore.


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