1997-06-17 - Re: We need more surveillance–a morality play about terrorism

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From: “William H. Geiger III” <whgiii@amaranth.com>
To: Rich Graves <rcgraves@disposable.com>
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UTC Datetime: 1997-06-17 08:03:27 UTC
Raw Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 16:03:27 +0800

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From: "William H. Geiger III" <whgiii@amaranth.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 16:03:27 +0800
To: Rich Graves <rcgraves@disposable.com>
Subject: Re: We need more surveillance--a morality play about terrorism
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In <Pine.GUL.3.95.970617002359.19769C-100000@Networking.Stanford.EDU>, on
   at 12:39 AM, Rich Graves <rcgraves@disposable.com> said:


>On Tue, 17 Jun 1997, William H. Geiger III wrote:

>> In <Pine.GUL.3.95.970616215033.19356A-100000@Networking.Stanford.EDU>, on
>> 06/16/97 at 10:04 PM, Rich Graves <rcgraves@disposable.com> said:
>> >Yes, for some people, this is a police state. But the threat is not
>> >(just)  the FBI/CIA/ATF/NSA; it's us. It's the people developing photos
>> >at the supermarket who aren't comfortable with Hispanics and "ebonites"
>> >having guns, and believe the police or TLAs should put a stop to it.
>> >Technical capabilities don't oppress people; people do.
>> If it wasn't for the fact that we *are* living in a police state the
>> opions of a supermarket clerk would not be relevant.
>> If we were living in a Constutional democracy where the TLAs had to abide
>> by the laws of the land then the gestapo would have never even though of
>> raiding the Hispanic gun owners.

>What Gestapo? Lucky Green didn't tell the whole story, but it was my
>impression he was talking about the local police or sheriff. They had
>local police and sheriffs lo those glorious days of freedom of the
>antebellum South, too. How else you expect people to protect their
>property? A man can't stay awake watching for looters 24 hours a day, or
>if he does, he's liable to start hallucinating and wasting ammunition.
>Gun control means being able to keep your eyes open and shoot straight.

Does it really matter if they are local thugs or federal??

Are they exempt from the Constitution because the county signs their
paycheck rather than an agency in DC??

I highly doubt that the Hispanics envolved really cared which government
the brown shirts were working for when their doors were kicked in.

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