1998-07-08 - Re: RSA in perl illegal to export (Re: Junger et al.)

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From: Chris Liljenstolpe <cds@mcmurdo.gov>
To: Adam Back <jim.burnes@ssds.com
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UTC Datetime: 1998-07-08 22:37:10 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 15:37:10 -0700 (PDT)

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From: Chris Liljenstolpe <cds@mcmurdo.gov>
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 15:37:10 -0700 (PDT)
To: Adam Back <jim.burnes@ssds.com
Subject: Re: RSA in perl illegal to export (Re: Junger et al.)
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	There are t-shirts out there with both human readable and
machine readable (bar code) versions of the RSA in 3 code....  Wear it
when boarding an international flight....  They even state that they
are a munition and ITAR controlled in BIG letters on the back...


On Wed, Jul 08, 1998 at 11:04:44AM +0100, Adam Back wrote:
> Jim Burnes writes:
> > Obviously there is no difference between 10 lines of PERL and
> > 1500 lines of assembler (or machine code).  
> One of Peter Junger's examples (I think used in the case) is the RSA
> in 2/3 lines.  He actually obtained the US export administrations
> written decisions on which of a small collection of titchy programs
> was exportable.  RSA in 3 lines of perl they stated was illegal to
> export.
> So fun things with RSA are possible because they have decided that it
> is not exportable, so perhaps you could export it on a floppy, or as
> your .signature, with media cameras rolling, and try to get yourself
> arrested for willful violation of dumb export laws.
> Adam
> -- 
> Have you exported RSA today? --> http://www.dcs.ex.ac.uk/~aba/rsa/
> print pack"C*",split/\D+/,`echo "16iII*o\U@{$/=$z;[(pop,pop,unpack"H*",<>
> )]}\EsMsKsN0[lN*1lK[d2%Sa2/d0<X+d*lMLa^*lN%0]dsXx++lMlN/dsM0<J]dsJxp"|dc`