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Looking for WORDPWD.ZIP

Modem taps/Caller ID

Usenet: ‘Resistance Is Futile’

AT&T encryption software

Caller ID: belated thanks

CPSR cypherpunks archive

strong crypto => increase in rubber-hose attacks?

Disruptive members

Who is this Detweiler guy anyway?

Censorship/Forum dispute on the list

value of privacy?

Inman: Cognitive Dissonance?

Crypto not being used where needed

PGP posting validation

Two more cents (PGP/mailing list)

Where can I get RFC-822?

Thanks for RFC-822 help!

Remailer Noise Traffic

Re: Remailer Noise Traffic

Quantum cryptography

Matsui-san Attack

Education needed, but what specifics?


Safeway + Your Privacy

my remailer taking some (mild) heat [LONG]

Re: Remailer Musings

Is the list still active?

List is VERY MUCH alive; Thanks!