1994-05-11 - State Dept Response to my second CJ request

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From: Phil Karn <karn@unix.ka9q.ampr.org>
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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UTC Datetime: 1994-05-11 18:59:22 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 11 May 94 11:59:22 PDT

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From: Phil Karn <karn@unix.ka9q.ampr.org>
Date: Wed, 11 May 94 11:59:22 PDT
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: State Dept Response to my second CJ request
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					United States Department of State

					Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs
					Office of Defense Trade Controls

					Washington, DC 20522-0602
					May 11, 1994 [stamped]

In reply refer to
ODTC Case: CJ 081-94

YOUR LETTER DATED: March 9, 1994

Cryptography Source Code Disk"

Your commodity jurisdiction (CJ) request was referred to the
Departments of Commerce and Defense and the National Security Agency
for their review and recommendations. As a result, the Department
of State has determined that the subject source code disk is subject
to the licensing jurisdiction of the Department of State in
accordance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (22
CFR 120 through 130). This article is designated as a defense
article under category XIII(b)(1) of the United States Munitions
List.  Licenses issued by this office are required prior to export.

The text files on the subject disk are not an exact representation
of what is found in "Applied Cryptography."  Each source code
listing has been partitioned into its own file and has the
capability of being easily compiled into an executable subroutine.
The subject disk contains source code listings for each of the
following cryptographic algorithms: Vigenere, Beauford, Enigma, DES,
MD5, Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA), and Secret Sharing. Also, the
subject disk contains source code listings for certain algorithms
that would not be exportable if they were incorporated int
a product.

The intended use of this source code disk, as stated in your CJ
request, is to provide code for those who wish to incorporate
encryption into their applications.  There are fourteen (14)
separate source code files that amount to thousands of lines of
easily executable code contained on the subject disk. This is
certainly an added value to any end-user that wishes to incorporate
encryption into a product.

Should you require further assistance on this matter, please contact
Tom Denner at (703) 875-7041.


					William B. Robinson
					Office of Defense Trade Controls

Phil Karn
7431 Teasdale Ave
San Diego, CA 92122