1994-05-12 - Re: State Dept Response to my second CJ request

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From: sommerfeld@orchard.medford.ma.us (Bill Sommerfeld)
To: karn@qualcomm.com
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UTC Datetime: 1994-05-12 02:56:36 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 11 May 94 19:56:36 PDT

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From: sommerfeld@orchard.medford.ma.us (Bill Sommerfeld)
Date: Wed, 11 May 94 19:56:36 PDT
To: karn@qualcomm.com
Subject: Re: State Dept Response to my second CJ request
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Does anyone think it would be worthwhile to go through the rigamarole
of CJ requests for "intermediate" cases?  Or is that just splitting

I can think of a couple... though setting these up would, of course,
require the cooperation of Bruce Schneier:

 - diskettes containing either all the source in one big file (with
page breaks), or one file per "page" as found in the book.


 - diskettes containing PostScript (or similar) source for the
appendix (where one has to parse the PostScript to get the program
text out) or even the whole book...  (Bruce Schneier or his publisher
might have a problem with this, though..).


 - diskettes containing .TIFF or .GIF images of the pages from the
appendix -- machine readable, but not easily compileable w/o character
recognition software.

I'm waiting for someone like Markoff to run a story with the headline
"Goverment Agency Rules Only Americans Can Type".

						- Bill