1994-08-01 - Re: Supposed NSA turncoat reveals monitoring of anon remailers? >pshah!<

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From: khijol!erc@apple.com (Ed Carp [Sysadmin])
To: perobich@ingr.com
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UTC Datetime: 1994-08-01 06:57:14 UTC
Raw Date: Sun, 31 Jul 94 23:57:14 PDT

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From: khijol!erc@apple.com (Ed Carp [Sysadmin])
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 94 23:57:14 PDT
To: perobich@ingr.com
Subject: Re: Supposed NSA turncoat reveals monitoring of anon remailers? >pshah!<
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> > On the subject of network monitoring, Bruce posted a copy of an NSA
> > technology transfer which described a database searching algorithm
> > that looked fairly sophisticated (I don't have the actual posting
> > handy.)  Did anyone (Bruce?) obtain a copy of the algorithm, and if
> > so, were there any distribution limitations on it?  It looked like
> > just the thing that the NSA would use as their "watchword" scanner,
> > and even if not, it looked like a very useful design all the same.
> I took the time to contact the "office symbol" listed in the NSA
> announcement. The NSAoid's name was Dennis Sysko. He was a little
> nonplussed that Bruce had posted the announcement.
> I was required to write a letter to them, on Intergraph letterhead,
> requesting further information; after receiving it, Sysko promised to
> send me an NDA that I could sign and return to get further
> information.
> Someone else posted in t.p.c that they'd sent in a letter and been
> told that NSA would not license this technology to individuals. That
> sort of echoes the argument that there are some munitions appropriate
> for government but not for individuals.

Did anyone ever get this, or could someone forward the original post to
me?  Thanks!!
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