1994-10-04 - Re: Bomb information ban

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From: merriman@metronet.com (David K. Merriman)
To: SINCLAIR DOUGLAS N <sinclai@ecf.toronto.edu>
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UTC Datetime: 1994-10-04 02:17:47 UTC
Raw Date: Mon, 3 Oct 94 19:17:47 PDT

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From: merriman@metronet.com (David K. Merriman)
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 94 19:17:47 PDT
To: SINCLAIR  DOUGLAS N <sinclai@ecf.toronto.edu>
Subject: Re: Bomb information ban
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>Caught from the radio this morning:
>    Toronto (Canada) city council is debating a by-law to ban information
>on bomb construction.  This after one of the council members was mailed
>a faulty (or fake) pipe-bomb.  Rough quote: ~This is different than the
>gun control issue because there is no valid use for bombs.~

Bull.  They're great for blowing something up.....

>I wonder how much of the libraries' engineering books section they'll
>have to burn because of this.

All.  What part of Engineering doesn't have some impact or use in

Dave Merriman
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