1994-10-04 - Re: Bomb information ban

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From: jdblair@phoenix.sas.muohio.edu (John Blair)
To: cjl@welchlink.welch.jhu.edu (cjl)
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UTC Datetime: 1994-10-04 15:39:40 UTC
Raw Date: Tue, 4 Oct 94 08:39:40 PDT

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From: jdblair@phoenix.sas.muohio.edu (John Blair)
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 94 08:39:40 PDT
To: cjl@welchlink.welch.jhu.edu (cjl)
Subject: Re: Bomb information ban
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<cjl@welchlink.welch,jhu.edu> writes:

> Query:  Why is it that, when the usual stream of crypto-conversation
> begins to dry up, the topic of bombs comes up?  Maybe crypto-anarchists
> should seek to replace the traditional symbol of anarchy (you know, the
> bowling ball with the fuse) with something more moderne.  Any suggestions
> on what the well-dressed (black trenchcoat and fedora, for tradition's
> sake) crypto-anarchist is seen clutching in his hand as he skulks off into
> shadows of Blacknet???  You know, something that would make a good .gif.

My favorite anarchist symbol is the monkey wrench.  I don't know exactly 
how much this applies this this group, but I can definately envision 
crypto-monkey wrenchers (if not simply net monkey wrenchers).


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