1996-03-19 - Re: The return of the IPG Unbreakable System

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From: Adam Shostack <adam@lighthouse.homeport.org>
To: roy@sendai.cybrspc.mn.org (Roy M. Silvernail)
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UTC Datetime: 1996-03-19 15:38:09 UTC
Raw Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996 23:38:09 +0800

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From: Adam Shostack <adam@lighthouse.homeport.org>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996 23:38:09 +0800
To: roy@sendai.cybrspc.mn.org (Roy M. Silvernail)
Subject: Re: The return of the IPG Unbreakable System
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Roy M. Silvernail wrote:

| In list.cypherpunks, ipgsales@cyberstation.net writes:

| Since a copy of the IPG system has apparently arrived unsolicited in my
| mailbox this morning ("apparently" because I haven't unpacked or
| inspected the MIME message; "unsolicited" because I did not request it),
| I believe it's disclaimer time.
| I have entered into no agreements to inspect, test or validate the IPG
| software suite.  In the absence of a valid contract for my services, I
| shall not inspect, test or offer opinions regarding the security of this
| product.  IPG Sales is specificly enjoined from using my nym in any
| reference to validation of their product.  Further, IPG is cautioned
| against using "cypherpunks" as a validation reference, as my
| subscription to this mailing list could then be construed as
| contributing to the claim of validation.  This action is intended to
| guard against claims of the form "roy@sendai.cybrspc.mn.org has been
| unable to break our system", among others.
| Note to IPG: I review all contract offers.  Feel free to contact me for
| terms, but be advised that I'm somewhat expensive.
| Note to c'punks:  apologies for burning listwidth, but this looks like
| the proper Publication of Record for this notice.

	I'd like to add my name to Roy's letter.  I also received an
unsoliceted (1700 line) copy of an algorithim.  I do intend to review
it.  I strongly caution IPG against using my name in their


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