1996-03-28 - Edited Edupage, 24 March 1996

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From: "E. ALLEN SMITH" <EALLENSMITH@ocelot.Rutgers.EDU>
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 12:37:29 +0800
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Edited Edupage, 24 March 1996
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Subj:	Edupage, 24 March 1996

Edupage, 24 March 1996.  Edupage, a summary of news items on information
technology, is provided three times each week as a service by Educom,
a Washington, D.C.-based consortium of leading colleges and universities
seeking to transform education through the use of information technology.

>Lombard International Brokerage in San Francisco and Pawws Financial Network
>in New Jersey are two brokerage houses that have opened Internet trading
>services, allowing customers to monitor their portfolios and retrieve
>corporate and financial information from brokerage databases or through
>links to other Web sites.  "You're seeing the culmination of the information
>brokerage -- with customer service, advanced analytical tools, and news
>available at one place and one time on the most incredibly productive medium
>that ever existed, the Internet," says Lombard's CEO.  By incorporating a
>Java applet into their Web design, Lombard's Web site refreshes its
>information every 30 seconds so that intra-day trading charts are
>automatically updated.  The Pawws trading system, a tailored version of the
>Security APL cash-management system, is used by several other investment
>houses to display their wares.  "Why should we spend time and money to tell
>people how to get a modem to work?  We provide brokerage -- not technical --
>services," says one user.  (Information Week 11 Mar 96 p64)  And discount
>broker Charles Schwab & Co. will begin this May to allow its customers to
>trade listed and over-the-counter stocks, get real-time quotes, and access
>account information using the Schwab site on the World Wide Web.  (Atlanta
>Journal-Constitution 22 Mar 96 F3)

	They're using _Java_ to do this? 

>Tiny IDT Corp. has found a way to differentiate itself from the
>run-of-the-mill Internet access provider.  It pitches its service to porn
>aficionados, with ads like:  "With IDT, I access *all* Internet services.  I
>said *all* Internet services -- get that smirk off your face."  In fact, its
>service and pricing are similar to everyone else's, but its subscriber base
>has grown six-fold to 65,000 in the past six months using this approach.
>"IDT is looking for a marketing niche, and given how we think the primary
>Internet audience is -- lonely 20-something and 30-something males -- why
>not aim that niche at them?" says Gary Arlen, an Internet consultant. (Wall
>Street Journal 22 Mar 96 B4)

	An interesting way to differentiate oneself. I would suggest that
anonymnity (i.e., C2) would be a logical add-on.

>Netscape co-founder Mark Andreessen says that within six months the company
>will build into its Navigator program voice software (which it calls Insoft)
>for making low-cost long distance calls via the Internet into its Navigator
>program and that long-distance phone companies increasingly won't be able to
>justify their rates for telephone service.  (Sydney Morning Herald 13 Mar 96
>via Individual Inc.)

	Any possibility that Netscape might build in some form of cryptography?
I realize ITAR rules would make this problematic, but perhaps some sort of
out-of-country deal for putting in the hooks for PGPhone could be done.

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