1997-06-02 - Re: Rotenberg or Berman? (was Re: e$: Beltway piglets and otherbarnyard animals)

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From: Robert Hettinga <rah@shipwright.com>
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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UTC Datetime: 1997-06-02 18:38:23 UTC
Raw Date: Tue, 3 Jun 1997 02:38:23 +0800

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From: Robert Hettinga <rah@shipwright.com>
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 1997 02:38:23 +0800
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Re: Rotenberg or Berman?  (was  Re: e$: Beltway piglets and otherbarnyard animals)
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At 1:52 am -0400 on 6/2/97, Lee Tien wrote:

> >First, he led EFF to ignominious defeat with the digital telephony bill,
> >and now, like some kind of political gremlin, emerging unscathed after
> >engineering *that* jumbo-jet plane crash, he starts up EPIC, where he
> >slipstreams no-brainer ACLU court cases like CDA to stay in the beltway
> >pelleton.
> Marc Rotenberg never led EFF; he led CPSR-Washington which became EPIC.
> Bob may be thinking of Jerry Berman, who ran EFF for a few years, was
> involved in its actions re Digital Telephony, and then left to start up
> CDT.

Woops. Damn. And I was having so much fun with that plasma cannon, too. :-).

In my own defense, I have to say that it's easy to get all those
net.piglets confused, with them all piled up on top of each other at the
Washington sowbelly like that...

Nonetheless, even if I, um, revise and extend, the offending acronymous 30
words or so, it doesn't change what I said at all in the rest of my little
outburst of vitriol.

It certainly doesn't change my opinion about Mr. Rotenberg, or Mr. Berman,
or anyone else "fighting" for my "rights" at a rubber-chicken banquet, or
at a cocktail party, or on golf junket somewhere...

Dr. Froomkin, who I admire and respect very much, may call remarks like
those cannibalism (nice Carib indian word, cannibal), but for myself, I
prefer to think of it as Texas barbeque. :-).

Here, Micheal, have some of those baby back ribs over there. I just made
them myself. Just a touch of habanero in the sauce (and Pearl beer, of
course) makes all the difference in the world.

Bob Hettinga

Robert Hettinga (rah@shipwright.com), Philodox
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