1997-06-01 - Re: Rotenberg as the Uber Enemy

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From: dlv@bwalk.dm.com (Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM)
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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UTC Datetime: 1997-06-01 21:17:44 UTC
Raw Date: Mon, 2 Jun 1997 05:17:44 +0800

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From: dlv@bwalk.dm.com (Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM)
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 1997 05:17:44 +0800
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Re: Rotenberg as the Uber Enemy
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Kent Crispin <kent@songbird.com> writes:

> On Sat, May 31, 1997 at 04:20:55PM -0500, Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:
> > This law is unenforceable.  If you want to rent porn videos and you have
> > some brains (the two may be mutually exclusive...) you'd pay cash and
> > make the transaction totally anonymous.
> >
> > Should there also be a law against grocers keeping track of who's buying wh
> Brain fade, Dimitri.  Anybody who allowed anonymous rental of videos
> would be out of business shortly as their stock would never be
> returned.

Kent, you're a lying asshole.

It's been a while since I rented any videos (got better uses for my time),
but one used to be able to plonk down $50 cash, rent a video, bring it back
w/ bearer receipt, and get one's $50 back (minus the $1-2 for the rental)

If someone decides keep the used video, the cash deposit more than
covers the replacement.

I believe this mode of operation is still very common in NYC, where lots of
folks don't have credit cards, don't have permanent addresses, or don't
want their viewing habits known.


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