1997-07-19 - Re: Something of Interest (fwd)

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From: Alan <alan@ctrl-alt-del.com>
To: Tim May <tcmay@got.net>
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UTC Datetime: 1997-07-19 03:30:27 UTC
Raw Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 11:30:27 +0800

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From: Alan <alan@ctrl-alt-del.com>
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 11:30:27 +0800
To: Tim May <tcmay@got.net>
Subject: Re: Something of Interest (fwd)
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On Fri, 18 Jul 1997, Tim May wrote:

> At 3:56 PM -0700 7/18/97, Alan wrote:
> >I recieved this today via e-mail.  I find it strange since I have never
> >asked to be put on any sort of "interest list" by anyone at the IRS.  (And
> >my Cypherpunks mail shows up at a different address.
> What makes you think the "interest" is your interest in them?
> It's _their_ interest in _you_.

Yes.  It looks like every e-mail address on Jim Bell's computer got this
nice little "warning/example".

Has there ever been a case where seized e-mail addresses have been used to
spam those listed with the results of the case?

Where is Declan when you need him. ]:>

> Yes, I got _two_ copies of this message. I'm waiting to confirm it was
> really sent by a sender at the IRS, namely, " IRS Inspection
> <irsnwpr@net.insp.irs.gov>", before taking action.

If it is a forgery, it is a *very* good forgery.  The addresses in the
header are registered to the US government.  The headers do not look like
the standard sendmail spoof.  It looks pretty damn legit to me.  (I have a
freind who also recieved this that has his copy of sendmail to keep pretty
impresive logs as to sender's identity.  It does not look like a spoof,
unless they hacked behind the IRS firewall.)

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