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Is this true…

Re: Cypherpunk Enquirer

Here’s how you put your key on the keyservers…

Re: more RANTING about NSA-friendly cpunks

Re: Escrowing Viewing and Reading Habits with the Government

Re: Windows PGP mail reader

Re: IPG cracked with known plaintext

Re: LET’S ROCK!!!!

Re: New Beta Test of PGPfone available WINDOWS ‘95 Included!

Re: Anonymous Cpunk Bashing

Re: no-cost DH?

Re: no-cost DH?

Re: NYT on NTT/RSA Chips

Re: Anonymous remailer information

Sameer should sue the SPA

allow me to state the obvious….

two bogus messages to this list

[CRYPTO] web-of-trust, signatures, and anonymity