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Re: mailing list postings from possible virus authors (fwd)

Re: Defending Free Speech and Liberty (fwd)

Spreading Encryption to Political Groups (fwd)

Spreading Encryption to Political Groups

Political reasons to spread Crypto(warning FLAME-BAIT)

Social effects of UNrestricted Crypto

WHAT Can we do?

Political and social action, cypherpunk assisted (fwd)

Newbie comments. (fwd)

Re: Poor Man’s Anonymous Remailer (fwd)

Wasted BAndwidth

ANON POLICY: was I`m not

VOICE PRIVACY: Internet av phones

NSA TApping

FWEE: alt.whistleblower possibles


(fwd) [comp.os.linux.announce] New loop devices, even with DES encryption

Re: Remailers/PayPhones and Today’s NYT

(fwd) Perfectly secure voice communication

CA online legislative database access

Re: Key-Escrow (black) Humor

Second Tier remailers …

No Subject

(fwd) Subpoena served on Crypto

(fwd) pgpwin11

(fwd) New pgp-public-keys server!

Sorryabout the very last mailing

PGP Customs investigation subpoena (fwd)

PGP Customs investigation subpoena (fwd)

(fwd) Korea now accepts secret US patent applications (fwd)

(fwd) More on CIA’s Internet Debut


Mark Abene (Phiber Optik) sentenced

(fwd) Re: Prosody Release Cancelled Under “NSA” Pressure

(fwd) Technosys, Prosody, the “NSA”, and some unfunny BS passed off as a joke

GPS and security

SecureDrive Distribution Controversy

(fwd) iPower crypto chip in PCMCIA card

List Dead lately???