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spread spectrum synchronization

your note on sci.crypt

Thoughts on the proposal

voice privacy for the masses

eavesdropping druggies


My comments to NIST

Re: My comments to NIST

Re: subpoenas of personal papers

2nd CJ update

State Dept Response to my second CJ request

Some 1024-bit DH moduli, and a program to generate them

fast 386 DES code figures

Dallas Morning News article


Re: Nuclear Weapons Material

Re: DSPs

Is cypherpunks archived somewhere?

Re: Running PGP on Netcom (and Similar)

Re: Zimmermann interrogated without counsel

Re: Cell Phones Security??

Re: Thoughts on 15 day CJ crypto

Re: IPSP and Netscape

Applied Cryptography case filings on the Web

Plaintiff’s Opposition in Karn vs State Dept

ITAR and hash functions (Perry’s question)

NSA denies our 3DES license application

text of Richey’s decision

Netscrape download