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ECCp-79 challenge cracked

How about a Bay Area meeting 1/17/98?

RE: best body armor for cypherpunks [serious]

RE: MS Server Gated Crypto: strong encryption w/ exportable browsers if the server is US-OK

RE: Question on U.S. Postal Service and crypto

Ultra computer.

RE: Dr Dobbs crypto CD

FW: SEC Rule Announcement

FW: SEC Rule Announcement

RE: I was auto-outed by an IMG tag in HTML spam

No Subject


FW: U.S. Official Cites Key Escrow Flaws

RE: regulating the internet

Commerce Secretary attacks crypto export limits


DoD orders vendors to use Key “Recovery”

FW: “… would cause us to look at this person as a threat”

Eric Young: Zimmerman redux?

RE: Junger et al.

Thoughts on the demise of DES

I’m from the government, and I’m here to control your email….

RE: Internet growth/Passport correlation?

Reinsch: Crypto export law changes soon.

Meganet redux…

RE: [off topic] ANNOUNCE: Bay Area Cypherpunks, Sat. Sept. 12, 12-6, KPMG Mountain View

RE: A Cypherpunk Trial, Yes

RE: Bits are Bits

FW: I thought of an initialy regulated industry!… (fwd)

RE: TEMPEST laptops

January Bay Area meeting date.

RE: “Export” controls

Re: y2k/gary north delusions

RE: y2k/gary north delusions

DoS considered harmful [WAS: RE: Anyone striking?]

RE: Norway - go to jail for naming baby illegal [CNN]