1997-01-07 - Re: A vote of confidence for Sandy

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From: Black Unicorn <unicorn@schloss.li>
To: Dale Thorn <dthorn@gte.net>
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UTC Datetime: 1997-01-07 03:22:03 UTC
Raw Date: Mon, 6 Jan 1997 19:22:03 -0800 (PST)

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From: Black Unicorn <unicorn@schloss.li>
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 1997 19:22:03 -0800 (PST)
To: Dale Thorn <dthorn@gte.net>
Subject: Re: A vote of confidence for Sandy
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On Mon, 6 Jan 1997, Dale Thorn wrote:

> Black Unicorn wrote:
> > On Sun, 5 Jan 1997, Dale Thorn wrote:
> > > Marc J. Wohler wrote:
> > > > I have the utmost confidence  in Sandy and his efforts to revive the
> > > > quality of our list.
> > > And I have all the confidence in the world in William Bennett,
> > > George Bush, and all their wonderful helpers in helping with the
> > > Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern California.
> > > Why not re-elect Hitler?
> > One knows one has come up with a potent weapon against one's enemies when
> > they begin to panic visibly like this. The smell of fear is in the air.
> Fear?  What fear?  I had a long and productive life before I subscribed
> here, and what with 1,000 or so programming projects awaiting me (and
> most other competent programmers), I certainly won't be wasting time
> bemoaning the fact that Sandy Sandfort "won" here, any more than I
> bemoan the fact that most wars anywhere are won by the bad guys.

Uh, Mr. Thorn, you already have wasted time in exactly that way.

> > The question is, will the ultimate internet trump card of a distractor
> > (Reference Godwin's law) divert the issue and save poor Mr. Thorn from a
> > policy which is certainly going to be a devastating impact on his public
> > exposure from here on out?
> I'll tell you something else. If I have an opportunity to contribute to
> a project that can fight censorship of this kind, I will do so eagerly.

Calling the moderation plan on the table "censorship" is quite a stretch.
I'm sure it serves your rhetorical purposes, but other than that it is
merely hot air.

> OTOH, I have no "tentacles", nor will I ever have such things.  I am not
> a communications, security, O/S, or other such kind of programmer/person,
> and I will not get into those types of applications short of physically
> saving my life.  In other words, if Sandfort/Gilmore cuts me off in the
> long run, it's doubtful you'd hear from me again unless something is
> forwarded from Freedom-Knights, and even that is doubtful.
> > It does amuse me that George Bush and William Bennett are thrown out
> > for fear mongering purposes before Godwin's law is invoked.
> One would think you would understand the principle of using examples
> to illustrate a point.

When those examples are chosen in a logical and directed way to
accomplish the intended association, yes.  You, however, have failed on
both accounts here.

> The very idea that those names would automatic-
> ally inspire fear is amusing.

Your propaganda knowledge is sorely lacking for one who would aspire to
influence thought by invoking Hitler and Bush in consecutive sentences.  I
admire your honesty in admitting yourself that those names were poorly
chosen, however.

> > One would think Mr. Thorn had mistaken the list for a liberal stronghold.
> Having read a lot of the crap put out by organizations from the KKK to
> the ADL (all scumbags BTW), I no longer take the naive position that a
> person is "liberal"

Seems your reading habits and choice of material have twisted your psyche
a bit beyond the point of reason.

> (hence, one-dimensional) or "conservative", or any
> other convenient tag.  Some people are liars, hypocrites, and assholes,
> though, and I prefer to determine that by their actions rather than
> their speculations.

You're batting 0 for 5.
> > Then again, no one ever accused Mr. Dale "Snake Oil" Thorn of being
> > afflicted with a strong writer's sense of audience).
> You mean I don't tailor my prose to what people want to hear?

I mean you have no clue what prose is appropriate and what is not.
Selling snake oil on this list, for example.

> Better yet, I don't go somewhere else where maybe I would be more
> welcome with my ideas?

That you don't flaunt ideas clearly flawed to the experts in the field
would be a better example.

> I'm embarrassed for you, for your lack of
> imagination.  And if the "snake oil" tag refers to my ideas on
> crypto software (i.e.., PGP), well, you have a long way to go
> before you provide a serious mental challenge to me.

The bathroom is at the end of the hall.  It's not a long walk.

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