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History of Gov. Telecom Interception

Big Brother: Post Filtering the Clipper

Big Brother: Easy to Break

Big Brother: Public Escrow is Needed

Big Brother: Unlawful Taking

Even more

Big Brother: True Names

More True Names: The NIST Security Board

Media Blitz: May ourselves available

The mysterious mailing list (fwd)

Mitch on the Clipper Mailing list

It is two 80-bit “halfs”

Test, please ignore

The Family Key

AT&T in Greensboro

Info on Mykotronx

Suit vs Non-Suits

Moving Target: Warning

Press: Sunday NY Times

This is “telling”


Cypherpunks on Voice cover

Canon copiers

a desperate plea

Re: Should we oppose the Data Superhighway/NII?

Encryption and IP via Cable “TV”

Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: DPSWG Crypto-Policy Statement to White House (fwd)

One Time Pads $5000|Cheap

Re: One Time Pads $5000|Cheap

Humor: I am AC/DC!

My Party NOT!

Re: It had to happen… (fwd)