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RS232 Crypto Dongle (idea for widely accessible crypto technology)

An Anonymous Contribution…

Re: Private E-mail (re: Ban on cash transactions)

An easy-to-reply anonymous mail scheme

Re: anonymous reply

Re: Question about the MacPGP

advantages of RS-232 based crypto device

neat features that could be added to the crypto dongle

using personal organizers or palmtops for crypto

Re: An easy-to-reply anonymous mail scheme


Re: Electronic Banking

No Subject

List is partially broken

Cypher Bank

Re: ping

More comments on dongles

Re: More comments on dongles

re: Re: How far is to far?

Keys & Signatures

verification of posting

Re: ping..mailing list integrity..

FutureCulture FAQ

Detailed Scenario of Dongle Usage

CFP93 information (fwd)

Re: Crypto Dongle…

Re: Electronic Banking

Re: Unlabelled PGP messages

dc-nets implementation (protocol spec)

one-time-pad distribution for dc-nets

Yes they exist (re: Electronic P.O.Boxes)

Re: Random numbers

ps -laxww for randmoness?


INFO: TEMPEST companies

No Subject

New number for Secure Systems & Services

1st dc-net works!

enabling technologies

Patent Infringement

TEMPEST Question

They have to find you first!

positive reps and paranoia

Re: positive rep

Re: Remailer Policies

Another pax-type remailer

IEEE Ordering Info

Signing ascii text

Encryption Technology

Pax and .fi remailers

Re: Signing ascii text

significance of spaces

INFO: Encryption Technology

Re: Self Addressed Stamped Envelopes

CFP’93 Electronic Brochure 1.2 (fwd)

Random number generators

RSAREF now available via anonymous FTP (fwd))