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BlackNet Investigations Needs More Detail (fwd)

Anonymity on the net

strong crypto => increase in rubber-hose attacks?

Mon Dieu!

Two items from recent magazines…

Help the NII (if you want to)

Re: Escobar and Cellular Ph0n3z

Help me get off cypherwonks list

Signing pictures – how hard, how long?

Re: Signing pictures – how hard, how long?

picture signatures

Re: Bobby Inman

Re: Bobby Inman

Geez, you think a ‘punk would be a little more careful…

sources of math routines…

Revised Clipper FOIA results from Asst Secretary of Defense

Re: Crypto and taxes

Knowledgeable people in the Boston area

NSA wants to buy 10,000-70,000 Clipper PCMCIA cards by March

Talk at MIT Feb 2 (mini-abstract)

Archiving mail-lists…

CERT advisory

STEG: a real-life use for steganography

I support HR 3627

MOO: on the virtual meeting

Digsig in Germany for RX?

Bet it’s not encrypted…

New mailing list?

Re: Clipper Death Threat

I have FOIA’d the Clipper Key Escrow databases

More crypto in real life…

Anyone looked at this report?

Valente clarifies on Telescript

Re: Dorothy Denning

‘Nother possible Stego place…

YA semi-novice question

Clipper Cracks Appear

Note from EDUPAGE

Clipper chip opposition

Patent expiration

MIT Talk on randomness/key management

‘Nother MIT talk on crypto…

Re: PC-Expo