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EIA and TIA Paper on Crypto Policy

Availability of high-speed DES chips.

unsubscribing info; pcmcia, anyone?

Ascom Tech License for IDEA

Re: ViaCryptPGP 4.0?! (was Re: PGP integrated into Z-Mail)

What’s anyone know about Teledyne Electronic Technologies?

forwarded message from Kendall Collett

Second mini-AIR report on PGP-Y

[NOISE] The controversy continues

Source of Cryptanalysis Materials

While browsing the IRS (“Electronic Certification”)

Re: InfoWarCon V 1996: Call For Papers

Re: POINTCAST - Could it be a Trojan Horse?

C2 rating of NT

Re: NT’s C2 rating

Digital Signature Inititiative

Re: NT’s C2 rating

ViaCrypt PGP 4.0 for Windows shipping

Re: PPV Descrambler

Re: NYT on CFP

unsubscrive *

i want off

Bernstein ruling meets the virus law