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Some questions

a /etc/magic for the unix file command

anon user on cypherpunks list

Questions about PGP 2.2 compilation messages

University Policies

Re: META: Support for prefixes

PGP help and comments.

Modem encryption proposal

800 number – Clipper poll

ADMIN: allowable use

ADMIN: Handling of “tags”

A few different topics


Something just sunk in…

Re: VinCrypt

Work the work!

Re: CryptoStacker, long term vision

Re: Another chaining utility

random access into an encrypted file?

Encrypting the list

request for patent info

REMAIL: X-Discard header line added

PGP question

REMAIL: problems

What do you make of this?

Some source code for phone number coding…

Motorola cordless phones with ‘Secure Clear (tm) Audio’

ANON: Steshenko, nntp

USENET newsreaders and cryptography: features/suggestions/questions

A few more slogan ideas

Talking to Reporters, and Which Ones?

I’m not paranoid… They are out to get me!