1997-06-06 - Re: [CONTROVERSIAL]: A Defense of Terrorism

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From: Jim Burnes <jim.burnes@ssds.com>
To: “Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM” <dlv@bwalk.dm.com>
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UTC Datetime: 1997-06-06 16:25:11 UTC
Raw Date: Sat, 7 Jun 1997 00:25:11 +0800

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From: Jim Burnes <jim.burnes@ssds.com>
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 1997 00:25:11 +0800
To: "Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM" <dlv@bwalk.dm.com>
Subject: Re: [CONTROVERSIAL]: A Defense of Terrorism
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On Fri, 6 Jun 1997, Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:

> (The number of farmers starved to death was at most 6 million; many others
> died elsewhere. Yes, Stalin used arguments such as the one I cited as the
> theoritical justification for the forcible farm collectivization (actually
> invented by Trotsky :-)).

Thanks for the correction.  (geez...how often is that heard on this
group  ;-)  )

> > > Prepare for crypto to be criminalzed.
> >
> > definitely.  but under what system of law?  for all practical purposes the
> > constitution is null and void.  the people that run this country do so
> > under the guise of constitutionalism, but its all a grand facade.  the
> > whole idea of the current government is a type of consensual reality.
> > (literally so, perhaps?)  When enough people agree that the version of
> > reality no longer serves them, they will agree that it doesn't exist.
> >
> > This, of course, assumes they have the power to alter it.
> Under the same system of law that criminalizes mj, sex for teenagers,
> "sodomy" between concenting adults, driving over 55, tax evasion, et al.

I understand, but my point was that at some point the system of "law" 
became simply a system of supplicating the masses and no longer serves
justice.  When the system of law ceases to be a system of law and becomes
of system of corruption I no longer refer to it as law.  Important
Orwellian distinction.  Never let the bastards control the definitions and

Clear thought on most matters can only occurr when the definitions
are clear and true.  If I said that my house was a thing with no
roof, no electricity, but it had a good cable hook-up, I may never
know what a real house is.  But I may sense the need to keep the 
rain off my head.

Oh well.  Its a hard thing to describe.

I guess its like the whole liberal debate on "assault weapons".  They even
have the conservative pro-gun types talking in those terms.  When your
opponent controls the language of the debate, they have already won.

> > > Prepare for the former cpunks who > > > "sold out" (C2Net
and the like) to support criminalization of crypto use

I said: I'm not sure I understand why you assert that C2Net "sold out". I
was probably out of town at the time this discussion went down.

You said: Yes - review the list archives. C2Net supports criminalizing
domestic use of  encryption for the first time, and also sends threatening
lawyer letters to  security experts who question their products.

If this is true (the bit about supporting criminalization of crypto) it
contradicts everything I know about Parekh.  Im not saying its not
possible, but did they really just come out and say it??

The part about using lawyers to threaten the people who question the
quality of their products is slimy, but predictable.

If you can give me a pointer to the relavent part of the archives
I'd appreciate it.

Jim Burnes