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USAF Incident Summary

Complete ignorance of any sort of reality on May’s part (was We are

Re: Remailers/PayPhones and Today’s NYT

one-off t-shirts

Offshore Data Havens and Services

Re: [uk.transport] Speed Camera with OCR

Re: Beepers can also be used to track you down!

Why cypherpunks are ‘stalled’, IMHO

ADMIN: Blacknet mailings on the cypherpunks list

“more money than brains?”[cia,nsa] and anon posting

need the verilog decryptor script…

thx, anon person

fido encryption.

misc crypto stuff

FIDOnet encryption (or lack thereof)

Fidonet, policies, privacy, and power.


FIDONet Mail filtering - a course of action

Breaking DES


700 Club Report on the Clipper Chip on Wednesday, October 20, 1993

count me out