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Wasted BAndwidth

Re: Many Important Items in the News

Real-time BBS Encryption??

Security Dynamics

how secure is secring.pgp?

[“Vinton G. Cerf”: Letter to Congress/RSA + DES]

Sound bite time

Re: Tough Choices: PGP vs. RSA Data Security

Re: Is Rush Limbaugh giving Clinton sh*t about wiretap chip?

Re: The Halting Problem

Re: The Halting Problem

Re: a valuable spy…

BBSs under fire! (or on fire, if BATF gets into the act!)

Re: alt.whistleblowers

false positives

Re: false positives

Noise on the list

Say again?

Re: Verifying Privacy as an Upload/AI?

Re: VinCrypt

CERT: the letter from CERT to admin

Re: CERT: the letter from CERT to admin

DH for email (re: email protection and privacy)

Bidzos responds to “sellout” cry!

Geer Zolot White Paper: Clipper Initiative

Clipper vs. Russia

Re: Boston cpunx mtg Jul 10?


Re: Thoughts on remailers

ANON: Re: how does it work

Clipper trapdoor?

Chaum on the wrong foot?

ViaCrypt PGP and source code

Master Key: A Clipper Story

Re: Why RSA?

Bidzos on PGP and ITAR verbatim

Re: Easy cracking

Re: FIDOnet encryption (or lack thereof)


secure phone quest

Crypto Toolkit Suggestions

Detecting double-spending (long)