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John Gilmore and the Great Internet Snake Drive

DoD on Infosec and Crypto

From: dac@zurich.ibm.com (Marc Dacier)

The Unbreakable Data Lock

I’m from the government, and I’m here to control your email….

“Unbreakable Crypto” announcement??

Is hate code speech?

Re: Child-Molesting Forger’s Chilling Confession!!!1!

Is Hate Code Speech?

RE: LACC: Re: Is hate code speech?

Re: Elder Kennedy ordered to tesify to Grand Jury (if you can (fwd) [a couple of other comments]

hello – do not read

loop test #1

loop test #2

loop test #3

FC: More on Network Associates and its crypto-politics

Re: Error Condition Re: Another charge question for you physics genius’es (fwd)

No Subject

Re: “Export” controls

Welcome to ChemWeb.com

Re: y2k/gary north delusions (fwd)

y2k/gary north delusions

pgp disk

RE: tyranny of corporations (was: Corporate Nations)

Re: Hallandale becomes model for the police state

Re: What’s up with the blank traffic from algebra.com?

Global Strike to protest Wassenaar

Re: PGP Inc has gone to the dogs

Re: German government press release on Wassenaar (fwd)

Re: I must admit. . .

mobil cctv cameras… sigh…

Is Sameer/C2net Attempting to subvert the OpenSSL and Mod-ssl projects

Re: G8 MIB

Re: New! Active Virtual Firewall