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Re: Destroying Data

Has the other shoe dropped ?

Other shoe drop confirmation

mail failed, returning to sender (fwd)

NIST contact information (further)

NIST System’s Address

NIST call for comments on SKIPJACK

soundcard programming

“Secure Voice”

Government agenda on cryptography

archie search on pgp

minor address correction

Phil Zimmermans’s statement (reposted)

Re: A favor re Detweiler (ha ha ha)

privacy, packwood, & pgp

The unmentionable word

Citizens Guide to Using the FOIA

The other side of LD

Re: Welcome to cypherwonks

Majordomo results (fwd)

Internet Billing Server

Happy Holidays

An available RNG

New fast cryptocomputer chip

Yet another assault

Senator Leahy’s hearing

Address correction

Well we tried.

Internet Security Hearing

Nova on Counterfeiting

“Computer Insecurity” on CNN

‘mostly for crypto and stuff’

A confused quotation ?

CMU’s digicash

PGP Shell for Windows

Re: PC-Expo

Toolkits, Bugs, and Interfaces

(fwd) - AutoPGP: Offline e-mail encryption with PGP

LaMacchia case on McNeill-Lehrer

FBI decryption capability / MSDOS disk wipe question

Wouldn’t it be nice,

Re: Restoring the list membership

Bruce Sterling’s talk at CFP

Pocket Data Encryptor

crypto in June Byte

compatibility with future PGP

(fwd) FBI Digital Telephony Wiretapping a Done Deal??


Is this just MY problem?

ecash-info (fwd)

Re: IMP (was Re: ecash-info (fwd))

Hum, 100 - 78.4 = 21.6 % spying

Announce: Secure HTTP Draft Specification (fwd)

PGP in July Byte, p.193

The 800 number requested

(fwd) Cryptologist needed

Re: (fwd) Cryptologist needed

How many cypherpunks?

“True Names,” chat with Vinge, and Cypherpunks

ecash-info (fwd)

WWW> Cryptography/PGP/Privacy Web page (fwd)

New Threat on the Horizon: Software Key Escrow

Bumper sticker kit

Friendly, neighborhood NSA…

Richard Stallman of GNU on Tcl

Tcl citations from Cyphernomicon

Merry Cryptmas

DDJ editorial

re: RFCs 1750 & 1751

Re: public vs. private replies


CIAC Advisory on Net Threat

DOJ Computer Seizure Guidelines

Heavy Weather

Automated Rant Generators and Letter Generators

Re: Automated Rant Generators and Letter Generators

Automatic Rant generator


“Codebreakers” on PBS

Information Security and Privacy in Network Environments (fwd)

Re: cyphernomicon FTP site?

(fwd) RSA CEO Bidzos on USML/ITAR

Another Internet Provider Censors Access (fwd)

S.652 (H.R. 1555)

Job offer for Computer Security Researcher

USPS Electronic Commerce Services

Riding online elevators (Was CNN: Anonymous Stock Tips)

128 bit MS Internet Explorer

Papers Galore, address correction