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Re: Hackers, Crackers

Re: Hackers, Crackers

Remailer ideas

Re: Random Numbers Boxes and Cypher Processers

Re: How far is to far?

Lazy man’s PGP key collection

understandable cypher software

getting .hqx files with ftpmail

CHATTER Re: Broadcast/Filter vs. “Fetching”

peasant_multiply question

Re: PGP questions

Tapes of Cypherpunks meeting?

CHATTER Broadcast/Filter vs. “Fetching”

crypto credits

Hash Cash and Ripped Checks


CFP ‘93 roommates?

Re: SunExpress to expand “unlockable” software distribution

Gold code?

Re: Crypto goals

Re: Encrypted computing questions

Mad Musings/Sneath

AT&T Announcement?

The Wing-Clipper

Family key is symmetric

Report on Adi Shamir talk

Liddy; There’s a Chip in the Middle of the Phone

PGP vs. RSADSI–what conflict?

Shamir papers in postscript

Swaine Flames Denning

Shamir papers are available

Huffman and Crypto

Re: Digital cash issues…

Verifying Privacy as an Upload/AI?

Re: Verifying Privacy as an Upload/AI?

Re: Clipper replacement chip

Secure transport layer paper

Re: ALERT / My email address is…

CERT and us

Encrypting the list


My recent flame at Stanton

Re: Blasting Bidzos Blather

Re: Blasting Bidzos Blather

Re: Boston cpunx mtg Jul 10?

PGP 2.3 now avail for Intergraph Clipper CPU

Re: Macpgp 2.2

RE: A few more slogan ideas

voluntary compliance

Re: Secure voice software issues

Re: Chaos harnessed for encryption / Fluctuations and Or


Subjects in anon msgs

ATM info?

ADMIN: proposed new policy on the mailing list


Re: I’m leaving cypherpunks

Deconstructing DH/NII (was: Should we oppose…?)

Re: Should we oppose the Data Superhighway/NII?

Knights who say NII (was Crypto(A), govt & NII)

Crypto-dongle protocols?

Re: Knights who say NII (was Crypto(A), govt & NII)

VOTE: Proposition desist: no

QUOTE from Gerald M. Weinberg

Re: The Cyber Lexicon of 2030 AD

Re: Here come the data fascists

Re: io.com

Non-techie Crypto book?

Re: Non-techie Crypto book?

Too Many Rats

RE: fwd: Canadian gov’t eavesdropping

Re: STEG: a real-life use for steganography

decrencr or crypdec?

Re: Digitally Signing Physical Objects

Re: Digitally Signing Physical Objects

Security is TWO Rubber Stamps

Fax / Modem question

Good article on NII

Parker on Clipper PAGE 20?

Government by Sysadmin

Re: Crypto and new computing strategies

Re: Economic assumptions

Wandering Seniors

FBI Cost-Benefit

Re: What the heck is this? Optical noise encryption?

Re: “Information-Hiding” in Crypto Programs

Re: Detweiler

Revenge of the Nerds who Missed Woodstock

Re: Patents on RSA will expire soon….

NIST Good Intentions

Re: possible anti-mandatory-clipper constitutional angle?

Re: Caller ID info…

Re: AOL for Acronym OverLoading

Charge for Internet, Please.

Orthogonal Checksums?

Another AOL

Re: well

I back your scratch…

Signatures for Credit Cards?

Remailer REORDER not DELAY

Re: Remailer REORDER not DELAY

Moakley’s real fax #?

Got Rep. Moakley’s fax

Re: Chained Remailing Strategy and Tactics

Credit-card PCs exist

Why to Care about Others’ Security

RE: Why to Care about Others’ Security

Re: Small transaction amounts


Postal Inspection (was Common Carriers…)

a fnerd by any other name

Re: Liberation Technology