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More about Netscape Bug finder

New PGP Key

DESCHALL Press Release (fwd)

Senate panel nixes ProCODE II, approves McCain-Kerrey bill

Cypherpunks write code

Re: A better DES challenge

Political Prisoner of Intel

“Tin Drum” Obscene in Oklahoma

Jim Bell (FINALLY!) Charged

Bizarre e-mail in the orphan mailbox

Something of Interest (fwd)

Jim Bell on Seattle TV

Queen of Pseudononymity

Free Money

Re: Spreading Technology (fwd)

An Attempt to Hobble SAFE Crypto Bill

CPAC, XtatiX, and the Censor-State

Re: CPAC, XtatiX, and the Censor-State

Boylovers, NAMBLA, and Net-vigilantes, from The Netly News

Netly News Fan Mail

Eternity Server 0.04 Available

I did get the infamous IRS letter after all

Denning backs away from GAK

Eternity Content Suggestions

Third Eternity Server Operational

Eternity’s 15 Minutes of Fame

Exit Remailer Suggestion

The BIG Lie (Jesus Confesses)

Distributed Dejanews

Masons and Fnords

“Leotards and the Law,” morphed child porn lawsuit, from Netly

Tim to Speak

Toilet plungers and sodomy: Why we should trust police blindly

“Morphed” child porn case ruling text (FSC v. Reno)

Picketing With Packets

Re: write up AP for FC++

Bell, etc

CPAC Quotes Templeton

CPAC Quotes Templeton

I regret…

State Charges in Weaver Case

State Charges in Weaver Case

Picketing with packets enhanced version

Re: Mathematics > NSA + GCHQ

CPAC/Sewer/XtatiX Continues to Brew

Practical Assassination Politics

Save the Children!

Pat is NOT a Cypherpunk

List Subscriptions / Re: Prior Restraint on Publishers

Reuter on Bernstein Ruling

Re: System used for DSS (US Satelite TV)

Cypherpunks in “The Guide”

A Distributed Network Cache Service

Re: Fate of Jews in America (fwd)

Adding Memory to the Net

THANKS!!!!! A BUNCH!!!!!

Cypherpunk Action Items

Re: Death Pictures of Diana on InterNet!!!

Re: FBI calls for mandatory key escrow; Denning on export ctrls

Plunger Pervert Returns to Work

Show Me the Warheads!

Mandatory key escrow bill text, backed by FBI

Bill C-95

Snuffle Destroys United States: Film at 11

“Thewer Thites” of the WWW

Re: More on House Intelligence committee on crypto

Re: “Big [American] Brother” watches YOU

Re: Israeli authorities censor book, confiscate copies (fwd)

6 USAF Crashes in 7 days = InfoWar?

I`m back ;-)…

Kevin Harris Charges Dismissed