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All I did was properly crosspost!

Siegel and Lewis

We still don’t have the mailbox.

Re: C’punks Economist Fan Club

Sorehand mailing list

Chain letter bounced (fwd)

Re: Chain letter bounced (fwd)

Re: All I did was properly crosspost! harrassments another story

Re: Your HomePage at

Guess what I just got In the mail? giggle..giggle

Re: your mail

There…..Do ya like this one better?

SysAdmin of the year

Re: Files and mail

Re: Remailer Abuse

Re: sniff passwords on PC (DOS)

From me to me to you…The Actual Article

The first reply came 3 days later.

I haven’t read this response, until now!

Nope, the Skypoint Newsreader didn’t carry any of the 9 groups.

Re: Files and mail

Killfiles 101

Dear Zimmy,

A day in the life of the Cypherpunk list

intelligent discovery agents