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Viral encryption

Hasty analogy (WAS: Viral encryption)

Anon mailers

Unforgotton topic

Enough’s enough already

1000 points of light?

Let’s look at this ….

Privacy awareness (Was: Cypherpunks priorities)

PGP v2.2

Smaller is better.

Let’s see here …

Meets ‘n Greets

A few notes on the WIRED article (kudos)

DC Cypherpunks

DC Cypherpunks

WIRED snippet


RE: Crypto Activism and Respectability

Fowarded messages from RISKS

Answers revealed! Film at Eleven!

DC Digs

New disclosures on 2600 case (Forwarded message)

Congressional FAX numbers 4/4

Congressional FAX numbers

Congressional FAX numbers 3/4

Congressional FAX numbers 2/4

Aiding the cause (or, Spreading the word)

Crypto references

Wiretap Chip and Key Escrow Abuses

Big Brother, Rights to Privacy and Broadening Horizons?

Hearing statement of Ray Kammer

Notes from the field

Additional amendments to the ECPA?

Eerie silence….

New York Times article on “Big Brother and the Computer Age”

ECPA reports

ITAR info

Carrier humor

NIST Open Meeting

Receipt acknowleged?

Mykotoxic anon post

MCI, Sprint or bust …


RE: MCI, Sprint or bust …

Forwarded messages from RISKS

TEMPEST and other “neat stuff”

FOIA info

SIGINT and TEMPEST follies





Bill O’ Rights

Say again?

Just the facts, ma’am.

Questionable instances?

Digital Bit Bucket

Son of Digital Bit Bucket (or, Someone ate my e-mail!)

Oh, da horrah.

Washington Post article on Clipper/Capstone/Skipjack & Privacy

Cypherpunks do what?

Work the work!

Crypto/Clipper debate rages on in comp.risks

RE: Work the Work!

Newsweek article, “The Code of the Future”

Solidarity (kudos)

ComputerWorld article on Clipper/Capstone

McCarthy lives!


A definite trend

Clipper fact

PC Week Clipper article

BYTE Clipper article (newsbite)

The last word? (forwarded article)

Science News article request

Public record

Live for today

Technophobia & Intelligence: Forwarded article from Information Week

Racal Datacryptor

The right to be secure (fwd Computerworld article)


It could happen to anyone (fwd Washington Post commentary)

Congressional contacts list


An Ode to Sternlight (fwd)

e-mail to USENET remailers (info)

CP T’s

PKP/DSS License request? (fwd)

Batteries not included

Blatant commercial want-ad (part 2)

Blatant commercial want-ad …

Village Voice article on Cypherpunks

Anon remailer to USENET gate bogus

Computer Systems Laboratory Newsletter, Aug ‘93

Key Escrow and MYK-ky Mouse

NSA: The Eyes of Big Brother

PKP and DSS – Licensing and Summation (fwd)

IRS flunkies browsing your tax records (Surprise!)

On-going experimentation….

NIST contact information

How does it really work, anyway?

Cypherpunks write code

Digitized for posterity

RE: Digitized for posterity

CuD mailserver barfed – privacy enhancement?

Today’s Quotable Notes

Cellular tracing (Done all the time.)

Inslaw info (bitte)

PGP 2.3a

NIST call for Comments on “Key-Escrow” (fwd)

KOH software topic

Munged account feeding old mail?

E-mail —> Usenet gateways

Data battles amongst the “Big Three”

Adding an “AKA”

Cisco vulnerabilities?

Physical security lapses will getcha every time.

The Hunt for Red Miata (humor)

The lighter side

CuD forward

A new twist on the electronic horizon…