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Threads down again?

Re: New Clinton (anti-) Encryption Policy nnn

blahPGP/Remailers in the News!


strengthening remailer protocols

Re: What is the EFF doing exactly?

TWA 800 - Friendly Fire?

‘robert’ and his ‘hipcrime’ web site

Re: Child Porn as Thoughtcrime

Pro-CODE bill may not help much

The daily warning about Timmy May, the lying sack of shit

Re: DL in exchange for fingerprint

A daily warning regarding Tim C[ocksucker] Maya, the lying sack of shit

Anonymous Oddsman 2

A daily word of caution regarding Tim C[ocksucker] May

The daily word of advice regarding Tim Mayo

ssh - How widely used?

[CRYPTO] Labeling messages

Does any body know anything about this?

Tools for Rendering Censorship Firewalls Ineffective

White House crypto proposal – too little, too late

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Cyclic codes

Re: Paths of trust in PGP


Re: ElGamal

A daily warning regarding Dmitri Vulis

(fwd) RSA on GAK

Re: ElGamal

Porn and commerce

Re: Missionaries BLAH BLAH BLAH


FWD: Binding crypto

anonymous oddsman

Re: When did Mondex ever claim to be anonymous?

Thank you, John Gilmore, for protecting freedom of speech against Dr. Dmitri Vulius

anonymous oddsman

Vulis profileVulis profile

[URGENT] Diffie-Hellman

Mixmaster Test

Any additional information on Kata, TX. decision??

Re: Information

Vulis on the remailers

Re: Vulis on the remailers

Apartment complex burnt down…

[noise] Re: Sliderules, Logs, and Prodigies


Re: “Nightmare on Crypto Street–the Return of Sun Devil”

Cryptoanarchy in the field

Re: Cryptoanarchy in the field

Water supplies

IDEA patent

Re: Could Declan or some libertarian explain this?

Re: A word on “emergencies” [WAS Re: Final Solution to the Crypto ]

re: San Jose Mercury News declares encryption battle over

Re: ?????

Re: The Utility of Privacy

Re: [NOISE] aga isn’t on cypherpunks… (and I’m glad)

Re: [REBUTTAL] Censorship on cypherpunks?, from The Netly N

Lucky your no punk…

Re: Rogue Governments Issuing Policy Tokens

CServe Does The Right Thing

No Subject

[TARGET ACQUIRED] Cryptography in France

re: sci fi

Re: IPG Algorith Broken!

Re: IPG Algorith Broken!

Re: Does John Gilmore eat ass?

Re: IPG Algorith Broken!

Re: Killfiling stupid faggots

Re: IPG Algorith Broken!

Re: Provably “Secure” Crypto (was: IPG Algorithm Broken!)

Re: Provably “Secure” Crypto

Provably “Secure” Crypto (was: IPG Algorithm Broken!)

Re: Provably “Secure” Crypto

No Subject

Detweiller spotted?



Phrack, where can i find it?

[IMPORTANT NOTICE] Mercenne primes

Re: PRIVACY: X-No-Archive and mail.cypherpunks

RE: Counterproductive Dorothy Denning Flames

Re: Sorry for the “TWIT” messages

Mounties charge dealer over sales of U.S. Dishes


Dimitri IS Detweiler

Re: PGP 5.0??

re: Gilmore / Logos

Law crosses speed bumps


[URGENT] Forgery detection

Patriots should use PGP

Diffie-Hellman Mayonnaise

Re: PGP 3 Beta testers needed

[ADMINISTRATIVIUM] Zero-knowledge interactive proofs

[Crypto Patent] Authentication “scheme”