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Can’t block caller ID in Massachusetts?

Re: ANI Blocking! Fast, Easy, Effective! (fwd)

Washington Post – “Block but Verify”

The risks of information warfare

Imprisoned for Not Having a Gun?

No Subject

Intel to rule the basic crypto engine market?


Re: In reference to comments made to me and to the Group

Internet blamed in shoe-cam crimes, assailant free on $750 bail

No Subject

Re: Previous disk erasing thread

Re: Can we kill single DES?

Dole crack mirror

Dole web site cracked?

RE: Dole web site cracked?


SPA sues C2, other ISPs and users

Re: SPA sues C2, other ISPs and users

Re: Fuck Cyberpromo

Re: IP address

Re: IWD_ism

Newt’s phone calls

Re: Deloitte-Touche?

Re: Deloitte-Touche?