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Software infrastructure

Software infrastructure

Testing remailers

Re: Chained remails

ANON: Steshenko, nntp

No Subject

Re: Real time OCR

Re: Physical to digital cash, and back again

Blinded RSA signatures

Parallel DES Decrypt Experiment

Re: No digital coins (was: Chaum on the wrong foot?)

Blinding messages (newbie questions)

“The Internet Letter”–Internet’s First Commercial Digest

Internet commerce…for your cracking pleasure

Denning and the cost of attack against SKIPJACK (fwd)

CRM (again)

Two digital cash technical papers

Communications Week Article

S.Box and LD SAME???

LD’s Latest RANT!!


No Subject

TEMPEST Defenses and average Van Eck Gear…

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Duress Codes

No Subject

No Subject

Retransmission in clear

Anonymity Offense

Remailer Traffic Augmentation

Anonymous List

No Subject

No Subject

anonymous mail

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No Subject

anonymous mail

anonymous mail

No Subject

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No Subject

Re: Randomness of a bit string

Re: REMAIL: Cover traffic

sase script

PGP Toolkit


Anonymous remailers

San Jose BBS subject to Memphis standards?

Re: New remailer up.

REMAILERS: Netcoms Policy and hazards to remailers

Magic Money Digicash System

Re: remailer delays

For Pr0duct Cypher: faster mp_inv


KERT Advisory

Encrypted Snail Remailer.

CypherPUNKS. Not!

Re: Remailer security.

Magic Money Update

Magic Money vulnerabilities?

No Subject

PGP Tools & Magic Money Update

RE: Magic Money attack

RE Magic Money Attack

Magic Money attack feasible?

PGPTOOLS and Magic Money

Magic Money -> Chaum Cash

“national security” exception to wiretap laws



Clipper fact sheet with analysis

Remailer killing subject line

Re: REMAIL: down (sortof) remailers

Millions Said Paid to CIA Spy

Supreme Court on Anonymity

Security of anon-server?

Spy Satellites For Sale

No Subject

Controlling the Internet

PGP: change “.z” to “.gz” for gzip?

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Re: CryptoAnarchy

PGP Tools bug fixed

No Subject

Today cryptography, tomorrow ??

more number theorymore number theory

Prime number tests

Why the Clipper’s Not Likely to Chip Away at Privacy

Random number troubles

Info Theory Conference

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Re: Another remailer

‘Independent’ Article : Spooks all set to hack it on the superhighway

Anonymous Mail via Port 25

theories about lack of crypto

Re: Keyserver service outRAGE


IRS plans

Reply to Phantom about Magic Money

Re: Why Digital Cash…

Mail to ftp?



Makeing MagicMoney worth something.


Re: Makeing MagicMoney worth something.

PGP 2.6

Phone Taps Take In Israeli Who’s Who

no subject (file transmission)

Partition Encrypters for OS/2

Mailer questions

Bill Machrone’s PC Magazine article

No Subject

No Subject

cripple quest

Remailer Chaining Security?

No Subject

Encrypted Military Information Broadcasts

RE: cypherpunks list wiped out again… (duplicate)

Jus Curious

Re: Self-Righteous, Self-Anointed Defenders of the Public Trust (fwd)

Bumper Sticker

Chaining through Soda

RE: Beware of Roman Catholic Corruption

Re: Beware of Roman Catholic Corruption


PGP public key for soda.berkeley remailer?

Re: NSA and competence

Sternlight and Stokes

Chained Remailing Strategy and Tactics

RE: MAIL: chained remailing strategy

SecureDrive for OS/2?

Clipper = Bobbitized Crypto

RE: ANI numbers

RE: FW: A third voice re: science and spirit

No Subject

RE: PGP bastardization

RE: PGP bastardization

Kragen == LD?

900 Mhz. cordless phone with encryption

Re: Children and the Net

Re: Majordomo and Julf’s remailer

RE: ‘Anon’ Fake

RE: Uniforms, Authority, and ‘System X’

RE: CreditCard info

RE: Tommy the Tourist’s New Home

Diogenes speaks

No Subject

Re: We get the government we deserve

Re: We get the government we deserve

Re: How Did This Get Done?

Cyphernomicon - Critical Acclaim!

No Subject

No Subject

Re: (fwd) “Will You Be a Terrorist?”

Spurious Emissions

MAIL: sufference remailers

What is the PGP key for WIEN ?

FWD: Safe-Tcl meets PGP!!!!

Re: A practical use of c’punk brain power.

ClearSig Bug in PGP?