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a test server?


spooks on cypherpunks

Re: Gee…

Random #’s via serial port dongle?

the value of money

Cypherpunks change bytes!

Hell’s Bells

Re: i

Why Digital Cash is Not Being Used

Re: NSA’s Baker to debate key escrow live on AOL, May 26

Forward of message

Re: How bout that unbiased Clipper debate?

Re: The American money capture

Zero-balance money supply

PGP 2.6 is dangerous in the long term ?

Unicorn vs….

Re: Response to Uni’s “Lawsuit” Message


digital clearinghouse idea

Faster way to deescrow Clipper

no subject (file transmission)

Online/offline transactions

crypto in the NY Times

Re: Cypherpunks’ mail database does exist (fwd)

Re: Having your own computer means never having….

Re: Unofficial Release

Is the NSA really competent?

Re: Bandwidth According to Seabrook

MAIL: chained remailing strategy

Re: PGP bastardization (fwd)

Security is not free

Expose on North’s Arm Smuggling

Re: Expose on North’s Arm Smuggling

Re: Federal Control of Financial Transactions

GUT and P=NP

Voice/Fax Checks


Re: My anonymous remailer


RE: What can one do for remail operators?

Remailer ideas (Was: Re: Latency vs. Reordering)

Notary signing

Re: Creating privacy crises: Society hacking

Re: Voluntary Governments?

Nom de guerre public key

Re: your mail

Re: Government vs. Markets

No Guts, No Glory

Cyphernomicon via the WWW

Cyphernomicon via the WWW


The NYTimes article

Remailer postage

Re: Remailer Abuse

Can someone verify this conjecture for me?


Re: for-pay remailers and FV

DH testing

“safe” Internet access

Why use plastic for remailers and DH?

Suggestion for remailer operators.


good stuff

Re: Reefer madness

Mixmaster Security Issues

RE: Mixmaster status

RE: Commercial Mixmaster

Re: toolkits?

Re: WARNING: sting via remailer!

Re: Meeting notes from ANSI X.9 Meeting on Electronic Payment

Java musings

Re: Escrow expectations