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[NOISE] Employers need pseudonymous off-shore remailers

Re: What backs up digital money?

Was Cohen the first?

Re: Bank transactions on Internet

Bay Area Meeting on Saturday?

An idea for refining penet-style anonymous servers

Re: Calling other code in Java applications and applets

Re: Kid Gloves or Megaphones

ecash payee anonymity, cpunk archives

Is Chaum’s System Traceable or Untraceable?

Re: The Crisis with Remailers

Re: Is Chaum’s System Traceable or Untraceable?

Re: Is Chaum’s System Traceable or Untraceable?

Re: Is Chaum’s System Traceable or Untraceable?

Re: Is Chaum’s System Traceable or Untraceable?

Digital Cash application

German Federal Bank opposes e-cash

Re: Recipients get the postage

New mixmaster up: jammix

anonymous mailing lists

Re: Zimmerman/ViaCrypt?

DES & IDEA built right into the Linux kernel…

overseas PGPfone and Netscape

Re: Opiated file systems

Re: Opiated file systems

Re: E-Cash promotion idea

Re: E-Cash promotion idea

Re: Internal Passports

Fixes to loop.c et al. for DES,IDEA,stego now done

Thank you.

Re: US Power Outages

Jurisdictionless Distributed Data Havens

Re: Final release of Navigator (with strong crypto) now available

Re: Where to write crypto?


Export laws don’t just affect crypto

encrypting pppd?

Re: extortion via digital cash

extortion via digital cash

Re: exporting signatures only/CAPI (was Re: Why not PGP?)

Sorry, nyt

WebTV a “munition”

Playing Cards - Caution!

ITAR -> EAR; loss of First Amendment Rights.

Re: Credentials without Identity–Race Bits

RE: Legality of requiring credit cards?

The ‘Thot Police’

New crypto regs outlaw financing non-US development

New rules for Internet sales to CA buyers

Re: Private Idaho source code now available

Re: “Strong” crypto and export rule changes.

Re: 40-bit RC5 crack meaningless?

Unexportable crypto

Re: Distributing cryptographic code

Fw: Advance Bank launches ecash

Party on IRC

The Global Fix is In

Verisign gets export approval

NSA leak (fwd)

y2k problem serious

Cryptography Question (I hope it’s not off-topic on this list)

Exit Remailer Suggestion

You really do want to volunteer, don’t you?

House panel votes behind closed doors to build in Big Brother

unSAFE won’t pass?

Remailer Ecash Bounty

Peter Landrock’s CRYPTO 97 rump session

Personal use crypto export

Re: Shuffling (fwd)

Re: Shuffling (fwd)

Re: Shuffling (fwd)