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Threads is NOT a tentacle!!!

Re: is NOT a tentacle!!!

Answers to newbie PGP questions. Listen up!

Re:quote of the day

Cyber Fuzz

We Hit the NYT

KILL Robert Cain mail

Need a challenge?

No Subject

(fwd) FBI Wiretaps. Old news….

Clipper/Capstone/Skipjack excerpts from Cud 6.28

Warrantless searches – A sign of things to come?

RE: Warrantless searches – A sign of things to come?

Cypherpunk Criminal

licence plates seen

Re: Paranoia

Cypherpunks as lobbying/propagandizing group

REMAIL: Logging turned off


(fwd) May 4 House Hearing on Clipper, F. Lynn McNulty testimony

(fwd) May 4 House Hearing on Clipper, Raymond Kammer testimony

Putting new PGP on company machines.

(fwd) EFF’s Jerry Berman testimony - House Clipper/DigTel hearing 5/3/94 (fwd)

State Dept Response to my second CJ request

(fwd) Announcement: Mac Crypto Interface Project

Italians charged with “Appropriation of Secret Passwords” (et al)

How good is MIT-PGP 2.5?

PGP 2.5 Beta Release Over, PGP 2.6 to be released next week

pgp 2.6 stupidity

compatibility with future PGP

(fwd) EPIC: 1993 US Electronic Surveillance Stats

Re: Unicorn vs. tmp@netcom

Malformed Signatures?

creating a v2.6 of PGP for the REST of us!

Re: “lifeguard(?)”: bullet tracking system???

No Subject

A black eye for whom?

6/6 New Yorker anti-crypto propaganda

CP Criminal & Strong Crypto gphx. and shirts

NIST to propose cryptographic APIs

Re: Anon posts (was irritating posts…)

RSADSI “Terisa” venture

Big Brother wants the shirt off your back

NIST’s ftp site

Cypherpunks’ mail database does exist

Re: Cypherpunks’ mail database does exist (fwd)

Re: Crypto export legislation defeated in House Intelligence Cmte.

Another Cellular Victim

NIST responds to LEAF-blower


Un-Documented Feature


BoardWatch & DigiCash.

(fwd) Going to a Computer Conference? Don’t use your real name!

Detwiler’s Crypto Mailing List

Re: “Cypherpunk” vs. “Cryptorebel”

Re: (fwd) Re: BSD random() - any good (source included)?


As long as we’re voting,

Re: FW: Ordering White House docs via email

Re: Ms. Nym’s stigmata

Time goes mainstream w/ Internet hype

Gore to Cantwell


Re: Children and the Net


Encrypted text illegal across US borders?

Encryption in Fiction (DKM’s The Long Run)

(fwd) Latest Cyberwire Dispatch

NRO spoof

NRO spoof and deception


Re: CIA Using Remailer System?

PGP 2.6(1)

Where can I get cypherpunk t-shirts?

Curious content

(fwd) A new PGP

C’Punks web server?

C’Punks web server (again)

HTTP authentication efforts

Reserved DC-Net IP addresses - NOT!

Internet World on Net Security

… and speaking of WiReD…

Markoff/NYT on IP spoofing

Clinton freezes U.S. assets of Mideast groups