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reporter seeking interview subjects

Cypherbusts, etc.

Standard Headers for Anonymous Remailers

Re: Standard Headers for Anonymous Remailers

on the cypherpunks mailing list & me

that internet security scanner

Re: that internet security scanner

Re: Virtual City (tm) Network FAQ 1.0 (fwd)


Re: EFF GIF recall/Duncan’s question

TIS testimony


bad news from Georgia (the Republic of)

from a source who said “NOT FOR ATTRIBUTION” re: National Performance Review (fwd)

notes on Gejdenson’s House hearing on mass-mkt. crypto export ctrls.

pornography & the ``cypherpunk cause’’


German “NSA” has a Clipper plan too? + News of German conf.

Re: Crypto Anarchy (jrk@…)

Re: your mail Re: on anonymity, identity, reputation, and spoofing

Re: (Richard Kennaway)

Re: crypto anarchy

Paper Shredders

Clipper chip stuff (fwd)

pseudospoofing survey



Reposting to FidoNews

WARNING: direct-marketing email address list

New EFF Infrastructure Policy Statement


Re: UPDATE: direct-marketing email address list

Bits-n-Bytes Online

UPDATE: Internet “whitepages” database of addresses

Suggested mod to PGP


Re: Should we oppose the Data Superhighway/NII?

Re: Should we oppose the Data Superhighway/NII?

Re: modem taps/caller id

rant pointer

Dinkelacker II

ANON: pseudospoofing confusion

Re: Should we oppose the Data Superhighway/NII?

Privacy != right?

privacy and rights (long reply)

The Tectonics of Truth


Can NSA crack PGP?

Re: Pardon my vanity, but…

ANNOUNCEMENT: Markey Bill debuts in House

Britain-Right of Silence (AP) (fwd)


CP-austin addresses?

This was sent to me from reliable sources but is UNAUTHENTICATED – If you don’t want to read abou it on the front page, don’t put it in writing

ANNOUNCEMENT: Markey Bill (HR3636) Available Online from EFF

ANNOUNCEMENT: DPSWG Crypto-Policy Statement to White House

Detweiler in CuD

ANNOUNCEMENT: EFF Statement on Cryptography & Policy

NOTICE: EFF & UUNet downtime, Nov. 11

MEDIA: EFF’s Kapor on NPR Talk of the Nation today 2-3pm 12/10/93

HELP: EFF BBS Project needs your support!

ALERT: FBI’s Wiretap Bill is Back!

QUERY: source of info about nat’l. health ID card/number

Digital Telephony Threat Returns

Inman: Cognitive Dissonance?

EFF Quote of the Week #2, 12/20/93, Inman on Crypto

OUTPOSTS - A List of CyberLiberties Organizations, 01/03/93

NOTICE: John Perry Barlow, MBONE, 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM PST, Jan 17, 1994

Brock Meeks summary of Gore speech

Mondex Digital Cash System (fwd)

Mondex digital cash press release

Digital Cash - anon. tip

info on local/regional groups & sublists

White House crypto briefings: Clipper, FIPS, escrow agents, export

NIST - PKP settlements not over yet

Cantwell letter campaign - update

FLASH: Vice President Gore Questions Current Key Escrow Policy!

Barlow Wired article on Clipper - “Jackboots on the Infobahn” !

Electronic Privacy – A WIRED Call to Action

NIST Crypto Update (fwd) - a Feb 4 doc we somehow missed…

NIST Fed. Info. Processing Standard for EES (Clipper/Skipjack)


Job Opening: EFF Seeking Executive Director

CPSR “explains” why Cantwell bill doesn’t matter much - a rebuttal

A useful quote/stat to spread

Leahy to hold hearings on Clipper Chip!

EFF’s Barlow v. Denning on Clipper - AOL March 10, 9PM EST LIVE

80% of even the NONnet public oppose Clipper (…when informed)

Help Stop Clipper, Your Testimony Wanted

Transcript: Barlow v. Denning on America On Line, 02/10/94

US Patent & Trademark Office Web server online

ALERT: Digital Telephony Public Hearings, DC, 2/17/94, 9:30am EST

Errata: Digital Telephony hearing, DC, March 18 1994

Re: Errata: Digital Telephony hearing, DC, March 18 1994


PGP BBS site

Digital Signature Standard industry push

House hearings on Internet security TUESDAY 22 March, Wash. DC

stupid MacPGP question

PGP for OS/2

URGENT: NII Summit announcement - don’t miss out!

Encryption Privacy for Digitized Money - please help!

Baltimore 2600 meeting, DC meetings, cpunx meetings

CORRECTION! Baltimore 2600

password matrix thing for Windows:

new PGP tool - your opinion on ITAR regs?

advance info on upcoming Clipper hearings

Clipper (Tessera, to be exact) laptops already being made

LP Press Release about Digital Telephony Act and Clipper (fwd)

What the heck is this? Optical noise encryption?

WWW page on crypto export issues

your Clipper video testimony wanted

John Perry Barlow - Euology for Cynthia Horner

Clipper hearings rescheduled - May 3 1994!

Update - Congressional Hearings on Clipper and Digital Telephony

DOJ Clipper documents scheduled for summer release under FOIA

EFF Summary of May 3 1994 Clipper and Digital Telephony Hearings

EFF’s Jerry Berman testimony - House Clipper/DigTel hearing 5/3/94

Clipper: Govt. Monopoly in the Making - Ineffective Law Enforcement


EFF’s Kapor announces new cyberspace tv show

PGP 2.5 available from Electronic Frontier Foundation ftp site

NSA’s Baker to debate key escrow live on AOL, May 26

Re: NSA Cheif Counsel in Wired (Rebuttal) (fwd)

More FOIA docs online at EFF

caller ID outrage from the FCC – time to act (fwd)

Barlow Liberty Essay Airs on PBS May 17

Smithsonian class on cryptography - with the NSA!

House hearings on NII (fwd)

Update on AOL Baker/NSA/Quittner/EFF appearances

NIST UPDATE for 23 May 1994 (fwd)

CP Criminal & Strong Crypto gphx. and shirts

Email security user survey (fwd)


Re: 6/6 New Yorker anti-crypto, anti-net article

UPDATE to “Please Tell Congress to Allow Encryption Export”

Telco snooping … (fwd) “every time you fire up a modem” ??

URGENT Action required (NJ folks only) (fwd)

UPDATE 2: Crypto export campaign - more fax numbers

ALERT! one day to save crypto-privacy provisions of export bill!

EFFector Online 07.10 - Action needed immediately for crypto bill!

LAST CALL: Crypto export bill - one day left to make or break!

Rep. Brooks speaks out against export controls – DO NOT DIST

Re: Cypherpunks Reported:

New at EFF - Intell. Cmte. HR3937 crypto report, Inouye NII bill

EFFector Online 07.11 - House vote on NII bills, OR ISDN, Clipper news

BoardWatch on digital cash

EFF Privacy Principles commentary available

Supposed NSA turncoat reveals monitoring of anon remailers? >pshah!<

**Customs Goes For Encryption – And It’s Not Clipper 07/11/94 (fwd)

space contractors must use only “approved” encryption devices?

Administration Buys Off EES Patent Holder (fwd)

House Rules Committee marks encryption bill as “open” (fwd)

HR3937 Export Admin. act status

EFF Analysis of Vice-President Gore’s Letter on Cryptography Policy

USPS digital signature annoucement

O’Reilly PGP book

DigTel: EFF Hearing Summary - House Telecom. Subcmte. - Sept. 13, 94

EduPage note on CyberCash “digital purse” e-money rollout

DigTel: ERRATA - correct path to Berman HR testimony 09/13/94

Profiling (fwd)

American_Survival mag article

Re: Why no action alert, coalition opposing S. 974?

UK key escrow effort?

QUERY: dc-nets list?

Re: The Leahy Crypto Bill is Rancid Sausage

Why Leahy is No Friend of Ours

Re: Los Angeles Times article on Helsingius and

Re: Los Angeles Times article on Helsingius and

What is the EFF doing exactly?

Re: What is the EFF doing exactly?

Re: What is the EFF doing exactly?

Re: What is the EFF doing exactly?

Re: What is the EFF doing exactly?

EDyson CPF 95 item

Re: What is the EFF doing exactly?

EFF & Penet

Why organizations turn statist.

US Govt. recent involvement in digital money & dig. signature issues

Dyson on anonymity (in WSJ article on our challenge to GA net law)

EFF declaration/affidavit in support of anonymity in GA case.


EFF Distributes Terrorist Information On Internet - Wiretaps Needed!! :-)

Another briefing in Atlanta on the NRC crypto report,… (fwd)

Libel & Pseudonymous Reputation

Libel & Pseudonymous Reputation - permissions fixed!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for keying in Bernstein docs

Concrete examples re why we can’t trust the government with our keys.

pro-crypto govt. people