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Mandatory email verification

Re: Anyone seen the ‘quantum cryptanalysis’ thread?

New Opportunity for Anonymous Reamilers

Eric go ahead; Cpunks start Cpunking again

Re: recent voice over data (fwd)

6-hour Secure Mobile Voice

Re: Digital privacy

Re: Why I have a 512 bit PGP key

Re: Are 2048-bit pgp keys really secure ?

Re: Storm Signals

Re: Purple Boxes

Re: Purple Boxes

Re: DalSemi: Add-Only Memory for Storage of Digital Cash (fwd)

Re: DalSemi: Add-Only Memory for Storage of Digital Cash (fwd)

Real randomness generators

Anohter angle on timing (TEMPEST)

900mhz digital phones - how much to trust ?


Fwd: Re: Fwd: Re: FH radios [Dave Emery] [Vaughan Pratt]

NSA vacuuming down Internet traffic

(fwd) e$: PBS NewsHour, Path Dependency, IPSEC, Cyberdog, and the Melting of Mr.Bill.

German home banking (fromn RISKS)

Time codes for PCs (fromn German Banking)

Re: encrypted cellphones

A Cyberspace Independence Refutation

Re: Science News - article on Quantum Crypto


Re: Another Motivation for the CDA (Federal Sentencing Guid

Re: [NOISE] Cable-TV-Piracy-Punks

Re: Bank transactions on Internet

How the other half lives - why encryption is necessary

Re: Bank transactions on Internet


Re: NOISE - AARMs (fwd)

Internet solution for law enforcement

Re: Message pools are in use today!

Crypto Files in the BA Archives (fwd)

Pager security

Lack of security of police Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs)

Re: FCPUNX:ecure Phones (fwd)

Re: FCPUNX:ecure Phones

Re: FCPUNX:ecure Phones (fwd)

BA Crypto Machine Photos (fwd)

BA Crypto Machine Photos (fwd)

Russian Sigint

Re: Modified Clipper chip - HA! (fwd)

Re: Modified Clipper chip - HA! (fwd)

Russian Sigint

U.S. State Department crackdown (fwd)

BIG BROTHER (qoute without comment)

Re: Crypto Dongel

Re: Black box attacks (was Re: Crypto-Dongel)

Beware of encrypted processors bearing gifts…

Rotenberg as the Uber Enemy

IRS T-Pole Surveillance

Re: PKCS-11 vs. CDSA APIs



Re: Hack the Mars rover (fwd)

NOISE jamming…

[MILCOM] NSA: struggling with diversity …

Re: Fortezza dying on the vine?

Another vulnerability

Re: The Telcos oppose Oxley

Encrypting Pagers is Easy! [Overview, technical tradeoffs, crypto]

DEA trying to subpoena book dealers

Re: Protocols for Insurance to Maintain Privacy

Position escrow

GSM cellphones cloned - THREATS !!

Re: IRS cratering

[Fwd: 3Com switches - undocumented access level.]

[rttyman@wwa.com: [Spooks] Digital Steganography]

Re: Satellite processing (was Re: DRUDGE-REPORT-EXCLUSIVE pablum)

Gov Access to Key Strokes

Noise source processing

Re: Zooko on JYA, cpunks, and surveillance (was: Re: Can’t tell the kooks without a scorecard? Re: Monkey Wrenching the Echelon Engine)

RE: radio net (fwd)

Re: radio net

Mobile phone tracking, pagers, etc