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Re: Admiral Inman

Less Flaming, More Civility

Re: McCoy is Right! New Mail Format to Start Now.

Re: Pornography, What is it?

Another internet story: INFO: NBC Nightly News Tonight (fwd)

Internet News: NNBC News Story moved to tonight (Tuesday) (fwd)

Re: Another problem w/Data Havens…

In Re: Modem Tax


Not necessarily crypto but scary anyway…

Senate Version of HR666 (fwd)

Re: Not necessarily crypto but scary anyway…

Forwarded mail….

Anti-Electronic Racketeering Act of 1995 (fwd)

mistake on my part

Re: Free The World Web Server project.. :)

Kalliste re. Foster / NSA, VII

Part VIII: Vince Foster (fwd)

Part IX: Allegations re Vince Foster, the NSA, and Bank Spying (fwd)

now! Grabbe, X, re. Foster, NSA, BCCI, etc.

Clinton to resign?

genetic software patents (fwd)

Spooks and Hackers, etc.

MSN hackers heaven (fwd)

Basically F-C-ed

Re: Florida Drivers Permits and a Hello

Hacking banking (fwd)

Code of Law

Hurricane Luis in Anguilla / Cellphone Antenna

Crypto import ban?

Suspicious Action Reports

Identity database, another attempt…

PGP article in American Survival Guide

This PROMISes to be odius

Oh to be a mouse in the corner…

Freeh wants to wiretap millions

FBI/CIA/NSA, let’s merge them all into one. [???!!!]

Re: Sources of randomness

consumer products that make nice sources

Re: Telephone switch capacity -Reply

Re: consumer products that make nice sources

Adm. William Studeman speaks about the CIA (fwd)

Re: ACLU Cyber-Liberties Update: Nov. 8, 1995

Offshore Assets Reconciliation using PGP

Re: Java & Netscape security [NOISE]

Real-life example of why National ID cards won’t work

Re: Netscape gives in to key escrow

re: NIST GAK export meeting, sv

CSPAN Currency Creation Hearings

Another Internet Provider Censors Access (fwd)

Re: please stop the Mitnick stuff

(fwd) Private SSN Collection Project (fwd)

PGP filter?

c4 cellphones

CAQ - Secret FISA Court Violates Rights (fwd)

Crypto anarchist getting through customs

CIA Stashes


Re: TED_hal

Smartcards are coming to the US

“Too cheap to meter”

Re: Responding to Pre-dawn Unannounced Ninja Raids

Overwelmed with Stupidity…

Terror attack!

Re: Bombs & bomb threats in LA


Re: US Power Outages

re: National Socio-Economic Security Need for Encryption Technology

Capital and Taxes

Schlafly on crypto

AZ DMV: Citizenship to Drive? (fwd)

CIA Contra Crack and LA Gangs (fwd)

Re: DON’T Nuke Singapore Back into the Stone Age

Re: Court challenge to AOL junk-mail blocks