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Devil’s advocate

Re: Password Difficulties

Passwords, passphrases, etc.

Electronic business


Re: RC4 - A response from RSA Data Security, Inc.

if this is RC4

RC4 article in Saturday (Sept 17) New York Times

any CP going to the International Cryptography Institute this week?

National Research Council


PGP 2.6.2

Breaking the NSA

Re: Big Brother database

IDEA freeware

Re: Hiding strings in objects code

Pentium FDIV

Re: True Names

Re: floating point crypto?

SHA Reference?

Vinge on PKE ?


Judges-L FAQ

Jefferson Wheel Cypher

Excel 5 Encryption

What is the power of the FIPS

Moby ints [Re: Num Rat]


RSA129 Project

VENONA web page

Anti-Electronic Racketeering Act of 1995 (fwd)

It had to happen…

big word listing

“The Net”

Re: More “S-1” foolishness

Re: SSL challenge – broken !

Netsacpe’s Offical Response

Cost to Crack Keys

Re: More on Netscape

I need exportable crypto revisited.

SSL Challenge: Server problems

Phil Zimmermann/Amnesty International?

Crypto ‘95: Robert Morris

not a flame please read and think about this

Re: GAK/weak crypto rationale?


Project: a standard cell random number generator

Netscape “random” number seed generator code available

Re: Netscape “random” number seed generator code available

worldwide announce: New OTP Mail/FTP apps

Where is text of wiretap bill

Hal’s Third Challenge?

Elementrix POTP

netscape 2 certification authorities

Re: Netscape rewards are an insult

My chat with Goeff Greiveldinger

Re: My chat with Goeff Greiveldinger

Transcript of Bernstein hearing is now available

Re: coding and nnet’s

Getting a copy of the Jim Clark speech

CPunks in the news: St. Jude

Timing Cryptanalysis Attack

Re: What ever happened to… Cray Comp/NSA co-development

US DoJ Zimmermann Press Release

Encrypted Communications Privacy Act

Re: the cost of untracability?

Re: questions about bits and bytes

RSA-130 Falls to NFS - Lenstra Posting to sci.crypt.research

Trojan Horse Loose On The Internet

Re: L. Detweiler is a CyberAngel

NRC’s CRISIS report: Chairman’s opening statement


Re: Opiated file systems

Re: US versions of Netscape now available

Re: New Infowarfare Panel

Netscrape download

Bush administration DT/Clipper strategy

Re: TLAs on cypherpnks (was R

Re: WaPo on Crypto-Genie Terrorism

Is 1024-bit PGP key enough?

Re: SSNs (was Re: Internal Passports)

A ban on cryptography?

Re: Why BlackNet IS a Data Haven

Spamming (Good or Bad?)

Re: Spamming (Good or Bad?)

Re: Ruritania

NSA’s Venona Intercepts

A REALLY Interesting Bet

Re: Why the White amendment is a good idea

Personal use crypto export


Re: Seeing Both Sides

Interview with Cindy Cohn

Re: rant on the morality of confidentiality

Re: rant on the morality of confidentiality

Tossing your cookies [Re: Why no “Banner Ad Eaters”?]

Boxer and Fong on encryption

FBI to inaugurate national DNA database

Re: Soccer Moms?

Re: ATTN: BlackNet, sog’s keys 4 sale

Re: Jon Postel

Re: Homophonic substitution [could you help…..]

Re: Random array (fwd)

Re: Random array (fwd)


RE: Rivest Patent

Re: manners and piracy

Piracy and cypherpunks

Re: Goldbach’s Conjecture - a question about prime sums of odd numbers

Re: Is Open Source safe? [Linux Weekly News]

Re: Streams, Voice, and Sensitive Dependence

Re: joy of export, h/ware

Government-enraging programs

Network Associates’ KRA Partner status

Re: Network Associates’ KRA Partner status

Re: Comrade Klinton at it again

RE: politically correct bomb graffiti