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Re: arbiter/escrow agent for hire

encrypted Unix backup software

Re: Kid Gloves or Megaphones

Announce: Cryptographic extensions for Perl

No Subject

forged addresses

Re: [crypto] crypto-protocols for trading card games

Re: Backdoor in RSA Discovered

Re: Backdoor in RSA Discovered

CWD: “Jacking in from the “One that Got Away” Port

Re: Java

Re: Security of PGP if Secret Key Available?

[Fwd: public key expert witness wanted]

Terrorism Hysteria on the Net

This might be interesting…

Re: Safemail

[Announce] New version of Systemics crypto library for Perl

Re: Noise: Re: Those Evil Republicans

What remains to be done.

Re: CWD – Jacking in from the “Keys to the Kingdom” Port

[Announcement] - Crypto library for Java available

[ANNOUNCE] - PGP library for Perl

ANNOUNCEMENT: PGPfone Beta 7 Now Available for Download

Re: I@Week on crypto export loophole 6/24/96

Devil’s Bargain

RE: Responding to Pre-dawn Unannounced Ninja Raids

Re: Digital Watermarks (long, getting off-topic)

Re: Responding to Pre-dawn Unannounced Ninja Raids

Re: Twenty Bank Robbers – Game theory:)

Re: Feinstein wants controls on Internet, Books

Jewell is the Militia Bomber!!!!

Re: Jewell is the Militia Bomber!!!!

Internal Passports

Re: Censorship through proxy

Phone tapping in India

appropriate algorithm for application

Police prepare stunning end for high-speed car chases

Re: Police prepare stunning end for high-speed car chases

Re: [NOISE] “X-Ray Gun” for imperceptible searches

Floating DataHaven

Re: CS First Boston lawsuit

Re: [NOISE] Naked woman decrapitates man on Internet!!!

search engine improvement

Re: Spamming (Good or Bad?)

U.S. Army Private Faces Spying Charges

Re: Spamming (Good or Bad?)



A REALLY Interesting Bet

German prosecutors redouble attack on Net, subversive leftists


Re: Los Angeles Times article on Helsingius and

RE: What is the EFF doing exactly?

Crypto Num Mum, Hmm

Satellite Movement?

Re: TWA 800 - Serious thread.

Hacking Mobil Telephone System ?

Re: mailing lists

Observer’s defense of “Internet Pornography” article

Re: 56 kbps modems

SSN database scam?

Re: DL in exchange for fingerprint

Re: DL in exchange for fingerprint

Re: 56 kbps modems

Security flaw in Microsft Explorer

Re: provably hard PK cryptosystems

Hallam-Baker demands more repudiations or he’ll write!

Re: crypto anarchy vs AP

Tools for Rendering Censorship Firewalls Ineffective

DESCrack keyspace partitioning

Re: Missionaries (was: “Mormon Asshole?” re: GAK)

Re: Dallas Semiconductor turns on Internet commerce at the touch of a button

Re: extortion via digital cash

Re: DES cracker.

Re: exporting signatures only/CAPI (was Re: Why not PGP?)


I’m Confused about Algorithm Patents in Canada

Re: FDA_dis

Development of an Open and Flexible Payment System

Re: Thank you, John Gilmore, for protecting freedom of speech against Dr. Dmitri Vulius [RANT]

Re: Dr. Vulis

Re: pgp3

Re: pgp3

Re: Taxation Thought Experiment

Re: PGP3.0 & ElGamal

Re: Building a DC-NET


ANNOUNCE: Latest Java Cryptix lib - includes PGP and all Java implementation

Announce: New mailing list for PGP developers


The House Rules At The Permanent Virtual Cypherpunks Party

Re: Stinger Specs


Re: Inflation-index bonds and private e-currency

Don Wood – IPG