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Security through obscurity?

Repression and technology

CPunk FAQ & TCMay’s crimes

Cypherpunk FAQ and Gopher

Right to vote

No Subject

No Subject

No Subject

No Subject

No Subject

No Subject

No Subject

Re: FOIA text

Hypertext ‘Hacker Crackdown’

Must manufacturers provide backdoors?

No Subject

Citizen-Unit May fulfils Duty

Call setup without warrants?

US Constitution online

Speech compression

Clipper self-defeating, and voice PGP

Autobombs - use and misuse

Patent searches

Entropy, WNSTORM and steganography

Internet Relay Chat

Programming languages

Decentralized BBSes

Democracies and rights


Schneier’s source code

Rights are on the CP agenda

Faking hostnames and inconvenient anon IP

Publishing code books

ITAR and non-US citizens

not a geek ;-)

Re: Apology

Digicash in the media

Support cocaine dealers’ privacy rights!

Auto moderation

Moderators, graders and reputations

CJR, FOIA and non-US citizens

Penet ID allocated

Sun to leave US over Clipper?

Why dumb criminals will NOT use Clipper

Identity, anonymity and reputations

Restoring the list membership

Re: Dr Dobbs CDROM

PKP patents

Restoring the list membership

Old list traffic

Secure mosaic crippled

TLAs, AOLs and Tim May’s FAQ

Skipjack backdoor? NOT!

Re: Restoring list membership

Anonymous libel and Unicorn’s lawsuit

Email firewall etc

Reputation systems, sources?

Patenting graph-based PK

Re: PGP 2.5 in Europe

FBI: to Russia with love

FBI: to Russia with love

tmp’s illness and a free world

Does Estonian RSA chip violate patents?

PGP 2.3 vs 2.6 outside the US

NSA breaks Russian PRNGs with neural networks??

BBS anonymity policy

Micali’s ‘fair’ crypto

Clipper infringes patents

Multiple encryption

PGP 2.6 is outside the US

Where to ftp ITAR docs

DSS Diffie-Helman program

Re: Unicorn case

The Delhi Detweiler

PGP 2.6 hoax by Sternlight

Ninth Amendment and privacy??

Cyberspace is by nature crime-free

Re: Cyberspace is by nature crime-free

Crime and punishment in cyberspace - 1 of 3

PGP in Australia

Crime and punishment in cyberspace - 2 of 3

Crime and punishment in cyberspace - 3 of 3

Tim Merlin’s Holy FAQ

A million dollars and DC Nets

Re: A million dollars and DC Nets

How many on cypherpunks?

Niemoeller and remailer chaining

Deja vu…

NIST DES source

Maricopa archive is WAIS indexed

Where to ftp fips181.txt

Re: Cpunks mail database

Cpunks archive works with lynx

Hardware RNGs

Neural nets crack RSA? AAARRGHH!

Re: PC Expo summary!!

Re: What motivates Crypto-folk?


Pedophiles everywhere!!!


Cypherpunks of the world unite!

The usefulness of PGP pass phrases

Re: LAN Magazine article

Counting bits

Copying electronic articles

Wall Street e-mail

LD’s Cypherwonks list

PGP for Russia…

The Detweiler Files

NSA searches for Tentacles

Newbies on Cypherpunks

Probabilistic encryption works!

The Detweiler Files on FTP

Re: ID card from hell

Re: The Detweiler Files on FTP

The east is red

Time magazine says I’m a hacker

Cypherpunks = soc.women…. ?

Gore to Cantwell

Accessing the Cpunk WAIS archive

Dialogue With Detweiler

Re: Schneier

Cypherpunks = alt.tentacles

PK Partners suing each other!

Governing an information society - 1/4

Governing an information society - 2/4

Governing an information society - 4/4

Governing an information society - 3/4

Cracking passwords and picking locks

Cypherpunk trademarks

Taxation and participatory democracy

Walk away from your troubles

Digicash and loose change

Governments and repression

Force is not physical

The New World Order

Social punishment 1/3: law without enforcers

Re: Introduction: Telephone traffic analysis

Social punishment 2/3: communication societies

ITARs around the world

Social punishment 3/3: reputation systems

Citizen-Unit Donald De-Certified

Crackdown in Queensland, Australia?

Mailing list for cryptography

Social body and crypto

FREE patent searches

The mother of all FAQs

Virtual assasins and lethal remailers

DC-Nets and sheep

Unfinished FAQ?

Reserved DC-Net IP addresses - NOT!

Re: Reserved DC-Net IP addresses

Crypto irrelevant to hit men

Re: Cyphernomicon FAQ – Review in “Wired”


Little Brother will watch you!

Datacom watchdog set up in INDIA


DNA solution to Hamiltonian circuit?

Estonian RSA chip

Re: DC-Net implementation


Wiretap, search and seizure

Brad Templeton’s fears

Re: New remailer concept

GATT, IPR and privacy

Economist’s Dash for E-cash

Eric go ahead; Cpunks start Cpunking again

Voice over data

Digicash trial

Netscape RSA


Re: Remailers, RSAREF for PERL

Digicash and currency markets - Economist

GATT and ITAR-crypto

Successful use of e-cash!

Elliptic crypto is patented

Academic crypto export over e-mail?

Transport layer security in a Freeh country

On criticizing SSL, and insecure transport layers

Processing data, information and knowledge

Mr Anonymous’ ignorance and 10 threads

Envelopes speak - tracking information flow

The Economist follows my Electric Dreams!

NSA’s text search algorithm

Attacking Norton Encrypt

DigiCash unlicensed for US use

Morality masks technical ignorance

Re: Morality masks technical ignorance

Re: Morality masks technical ignorance

Calling beta testers for reputation software

Re: Exporting cryptographic materials, theory vs. practice

NYT article and LaMacchia case

Compliance and lax Customs


Law and ethics on the Net

Information highways, oceans and islands

3D TV and crypto

Privacy markets

BBC on Net trade, G7 special summit

Gateways to the infosphere

Re: Cybersmut

Data Havens, NOT!

Jude Milhon in WIRED

Known data havens for pirates? Doubtful

Lance Rose writes anti-cryptoanarchy in WIRED

Re: The Remailer Crisis

Netherlands crypto ban?

Anti-porn conference in Manila

Australian Constitution (and more) on FTP

Video walls have ears

PFF’s Magna Carta and the new netserfs


Re: PFF’s Magna Carta and the new netserfs

Tribes, cyberspace and the communication society

Compromising the first remailer

Selection key crypto protocol trial balloon

Labour and capital in a post-industrial economy

Re: Selection key crypto protocol trial balloon

Indian Supreme Court ends state control of the airwaves

GSM and cellular crypto

Re: Bernstein

Involve Telcos in activism?

Clinton’s No Warrant decree, and insulting dogs