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Re: quantum Computing

compatibility with future PGP

Re: Email Stalking on CNN

Re: procmail

Re: Time Locks– Re: Delayed self-encrypting messages

Protocol Wanted!!

Remailer REORDER not DELAY

DES w/ variable S-boxes

Prime magnitude and keys…a ?

Re: Decline and Fall


RE: Unofficial release

Re: radio program - Los Angeles area only


Re: Lotto odds

Re: PGP bastardization (fwd)


RE: PGP bastardization

Newbies on Cypherpunks

Nat’l ID # ?

Tax Evasion Morality

Clipper Chip retreat

Who Detweiler is really posting as

“Key Escrow” — the very idea

Signature Stripping and anon servers

Re: Just say NYET to censors

penet hack

Lawsuits Against PKP

Re: Anonymous code name allocated. // penet hack

Message pool: alt.anonymous.messages

I sell out

Re: Remailer ideas (Was: Re: Latency vs. Reordering)

RE: Remailer ideas

NRO spoof

Re: e$

Zimmermann/NSA debate postponed

Online cash, Internet, Pizza Hut

Richard Stallman of GNU on Tcl

Stallman & Ousterhout && (TCL || !TCL) && practicing cypherpunks

[Stallard Richman: Why you should not use Unix]

A possible solution

phone security

Re: “You aren’t following the rules!”

PGP Enhanced Messaging (PEM)

signing messages

Authentication at toad.com: WTF?

Eric, please can you clarify

Why nothing works [Was: Mandatory sig workaround]

Re: Mighty morphing power cypherpunks

fixed code

Re: BofA+Netscape

Re: BofA+Netscape

Re: Abuse and Remailer Ethics

What is this? Anonymous message failed

Re: IRS to keep unreviewable secret dossiers on US citizens


Re: Why emoney? Why not a web of debt?

Re: Here’s what will happen to U.S. based remailers

PFF’s Magna Carta and the new netserfs

RE: “bad” government

Ending the Crusade

Fundamental Question?

Re: How the cypherpunks nearly got me fired (long)

Re: Cooperation

URGENT - What S.314 Would Do

Re: MIME based remailing commands

Re: MIME based remailing commands

Coming to a newsserver near you alt.defeat.s314

Re: MIME based remailing commands

Re: MIME based remailing commands

Crypto = Competitive Advantage?

PGP at work?

`Random’ seed.

Re: Cybersecurity

Re: Decompiling Netscape

Re: Netscape “random” number seed generator code available

Re: Hack Microsoft?

[NOISE] Re: Easter Eggs


`Hack Microsoft’ challenge is NYT Computer News Daily’s top story

Re: NetScape’s dependence upon RSA down for the count!

Re: NSA Realists v. Nuts

Re: Graphic encryption

Announcement: Alert Mailing List

Yes, indeed the PA law is for real!

Re: Netscape 2.0b1J still core dumps on Java

Re: 2047 bit keys in PGP

Re: 2047 bit keys in PGP

Bignum support added to XLISP 2.1h

Re: Eggs at Customs (fwd)